End-of-Year Update

From the Editor

A calendar year is a somewhat arbitrary construct, though 2016 certainly seemed a bit…different. If anything, it seemed a year when illusions no longer held, certainties fell away, and those in the sheltered empires of Liberal Democracy were suddenly reminded that death happens.

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump both heralded the end of the Liberal Democratic dream, while the massive uprisings against the government in France gave us a sign that people no longer believe electoral politics and passive resistance can change anything. In the United States, more manifestations against police brutality and the mass-resistance at Standing Rock showed us that the cracks in empire are widening, while the continued strength of the Rojava Canons remind us another world is possible.

Though the capitalist consensus of the last 20 years assured us that history was over, the angel of history shakes its head at the wreckage behind it and flies onward, taking us with it.

A year of Gods&Radicals

This year, Gods&Radicals grew from a small site with 1000 regular readers to one with almost 6000 followers. We posted almost 300 pieces this year, added ten more regular writers, published three print works, and have now raised enough money to pay our site writers in 2017.

Below are two lists of articles we’d like to highlight at the end of the year. The first is a list chosen by the editor of works whose importance endures, and the second is our ten most-read essays in 2016.

Editor’s Picks

(in no particular order)

The Ten Most-Read Essays of 2016

Publishing News

Gods&Radicals will be publishing several new print works in 2017, including two issues of our journal, A Beautiful Resistance. The third issue, “Left Sacred,” will be released on Imbolc, and the fourth issue will be released on Lughnasadh. Announcements about other publications will be forthcoming.

Our prices on all print publications will increase slightly in 2017 to accommodate a price increase from our printer, the deflation of the Euro and Pound against the US dollar, and the increased shipping demands as we grow. This will not affect our digital editions prices, and we will always continue to offer solidarity copies for those who cannot afford our works.

To order any of our publications before the price increases, go here.

Also, starting 1 January we will use Stripe as our payment processor, rather than Paypal. However, PayPal will still be available for those who wish to pay without bank or credit cards.

Contact us

Interested in writing with us? Have a news tip? You can reach us through this form. Or join our mailing list for bi-monthly updates and special announcements.

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