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We are pleased to announce the pre-sale of A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred.

“We’ve been preparing for years and decades. We’ve been laying the seeds of resistance. It’s time to see what we can harvest.
I hope we are ready, because it is time.”

from the Foreword, by Margaret Killjoy

A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred is the third issue of the Gods&Radicals journal, edited by Lia Hunter & Rhyd Wildermuth, with a foreword by Margaret Killjoy, and words and art by:

Erynn Rowan Laurie • Left Eye • Lorna Smithers
Dr. Bones • Rocket • Yvonne Aburrow
Sean Donahue • Loïs Cordelia • Marion Le Bourhis 
Christopher DeLange • Brianna Bliss • Lia Hunter
Rhyd Wildermuth • Anthony Rella• Hunter Hall
Finnchuill • Nina George • Nimue Brown William Hawes

In addition to pre-sale copies, we are also offering a special subscription rate and a book package varying by geographical area.


(*Poster note: cylinder shipping rates for non-US addresses are currently too expensive for us to offer the poster outside the United States).

All pre-sale and subscriber copies of A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred are scheduled to ship globally by 5 February.

To order, please use the form below.



  1. Unfortunately my cataract operation has left me unable to read books any more. I am pretty much limited to the internet, and even that is difficult at Maximum Magnification.


  2. Incredibly excited to read this! You guys have renewed my faith in a radical left! You provide re-enchantment and mythic cohesion for radicalism that you cant find amongst the reductionist and atheist radicals. Thank You!


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