Witches in a Crumbling Empire: Conclusion

This is the third and final part of Rhyd Wildermuth’s speech, “Witches in a Crumbling Empire.”

The first part is here.

And the second part is here.

Rhyd Wildermuth

Rhyd WildermuthRhyd’s the co-founder and managing editor of Gods&Radicals. He also writes at Paganarch, Fur/Sweat/Flesh, and posts a near-daily “Friendly Anarchist Thought of the Day” on Facebook.

His entire life is 100% crowdfunded by readers like you. Find out how to help him here.

One thought on “Witches in a Crumbling Empire: Conclusion

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was nodding along with much of what you said – particularly about removing the metaphors of mechanisation from application to our lives and bodies and loving the land and being its becoming. One of the things I’m questioning at the moment, particularly in light of the continuous connection between Empire and militarism, is the use of military metaphors – such as here ‘call to arms’ ‘fight’ and ‘weapon’. Are these the best choices of words for witches/poets? Or is witchcraft doing something more subversive in precipitating the death throes of Empire?


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