At The Balance of the Light (updates)

Today’s the equinox; that of spring in the north and autumn of the south. It is the balance of light and dark, welcome in a time when all else is out of balance.

Sometimes balance is mere ease, a quiet slipping into equilibrium. But sometimes, balance is like lightning, a sky full of charged energy so unbalanced it must ground in explosive bursts.

Shall our balance be that of the seasons or the storms? Either is the way of nature.

Gods&Radicals, off-site and off-line

The good people at It’s Going Down interviewed Rhyd Wildermuth last month on their podcast. Rhyd and Lia Hunter were also interviewed this week about A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred on live radio on KOPN fm’s Chautauqua program (archive currently not available, but we hope it’s coming soon!). Look for more interviews soon to appear in the coming weeks.

Yesterday was the last of four A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred release parties. They were hosted in San Jose, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Baltimore, Maryland. This latest issue has been our most popular yet, and we’ve been excited both to meet our readers and engage in the fascinating conversations our work has inspired.

Below are some photos from the Seattle and Baltimore events.


Updates on Publications and Distributions

We are deeply happy to announce we were able to hire a distributor for our US publications. Previous to this, all our shipments were sent out by volunteers (usually, the managing editor) during whatever spare time was available. Now that we are selling many, many more books, this method wasn’t working so well.

You’ll note that all our order forms now include a $1.50 ‘distributor’ fee. This is basically a handling fee, and goes directly to pay our (really awesome) distribution team.  This also means that publications will arrive much faster than previously!

All our publications can be ordered here.

The call for submissions for the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance will begin in May. Expect an announcement of another upcoming publication soon.

What’s Going On In France?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the massive protests again keeping the police busy in several French cities, especially Paris. Many of these events are specifically in response to police brutality, much like the Black Lives Matters protests in the United States. For great video and photo-journalism, check out (Pagans familiar with the Gaulish and Celtic god of storms will find their title rather clever).

Also, Gods&Radicals co-founders Rhyd Wildermuth and Alley Valkyrie will be in France this week. Expect more posts about resistance to oppression from the eastern side of the Atlantic soon!


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