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The Mystic Shaping Russia’s Future and Bringing Back the Dark Ages

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU there was a wizard determining the foreign policy of a nation of 143 million people? That his stated goals were the re-establishment of a caste-based system spanning the breadth of the largest landmass on Earth? Would you believe me?

I might not have believed me either. The idea sounds like something out of a fantasy novel or the script of a cheap James Bond knockoff. Such a thing couldn’t be possible in our world of state-of-the-art science and secular governments, right?

At least I thought so, until I watched the videos seen by millions, read the essays circling the intelligence communities, and saw the tendrils of a man–who believes he is literally battling Atlantis–reach all the way to the tip of the red stars twinkling on top of the Kremlin.

His name is Aleksandr Dugin, a 53-year-old Muscovite who wants to bring back the Middle Ages…

…and the way things are going he just might pull it off.

Dugin the Man


Who exactly is Aleksandr Dugin, this Rasputin-like figure rising from the East and making his way among the AltRight?

On a surface level, as presented in Radix journal and Infowars, he is a “Eurasianist” and conservative thinker worthy of praise. Dugin has grown in popularity among the AltRight as a “Christian philosopher,” giving the intellectual and spiritual veneer to a politics founded by grown men masturbating furiously to cartoon children that it otherwise lacks. He also adds much needed international acceptance to our current American Emperor, whom many conservatives see as the forefront of a new American Revolution. Dugin agrees with this sentiment and greatly admires Trump, whom he considers the anointed King of an America “traditional and conservative, healthy, and worthy of respect.”

Here he is on Tsargrad, an Orthodox Christian television station he helps run that makes Russia Today look like MSNBC:

“This means that he will support other values – conservative, American, and Christian ones. His policies towards the rest of the world will be different. 

European liberals have lost their advisor. When they pitifully call Washington to ask where and when the next gay parade should be held, Merkel or Hollande will now get a rustic and rough American response: ‘Go to hell.’

The globalist networks of countless NGO’s and foreign agents in Russia will lose even more support…No more funds will be allocated for mudslinging against and degrading other cultures and traditions. Unlike Clinton, Trump does not consider LGBT, feminism, and postmodernism to be the last words of progress, but a disease.”

This is the surface level Dugin, the image of an Orthodox philosopher whose keen interest is undoing the damage liberalism, feminism, and homosexuality have unleashed upon the Old Ways. It’s one he’s carefully crafted for wide appeal, and as evidenced by the above video being done in English while only three percent of Russians can understand it fluently, Dugin shows he’s aiming for a mass audience.

Of course Dugin doesn’t exactly fit the bill for the AltRight many Anarchists are familiar with. For one, Dugin doesn’t consider himself a white nationalist nor care much for “preserving” anything; he identifies instead as a “Neo-Traditionalist,” a political ideology fueled by a massive hard-on for the Middle Ages, Crusader Memes, and the idea that everything younger than 350 years old sucks ass.

“Here is what I propose to do. In order to escape this coded field of coded thinking, we need to deconstruct all of modernity. If we transcend the borders of modernity, we see a different society, a different notion of man, a different view of the world, a different notion of politics and the state… The notions of tradition, religion, and pre-modernity already offer us an undoubtedly broader spectrum of alternatives. If we reject the laws of modernity such as progress, development, equality, justice, freedom, nationalism, and all of this legacy of the three centuries of philosophy and political history, then there is a choice. And it is in fact very broad in the least. This is what I have been saying. This is traditional society.

One of the first, simplest movements in the direction of the Fourth Political Theory is the global rehabilitation of Tradition, the sacred, the religious, the caste-related, if you prefer, the hierarchical, and not equality, justice, or freedom. Everything that we reject together with modernity and everything that we completely rework… Returning to the Middle Ages or turning to them to look for inspiration.”

He says elsewhere:

European modernity, which abolished religion, faith in the King and the Heavenly Father, the castes, the sacred understanding of the world, and essentially patriarchy, was the beginning of the fall of Indo-European civilization. Capitalism, materialism, egalitarianism, and economism are all the revenge of those societies against which the Indo-Europeans waged war, subjugated, and strove to remedy, which composed the essence of all Indo-European peoples’ history….No compromises will help us. Either we will disappear and be dissolved, or we must restore our Indo-European civilization in its entirety, with all of its values, ways, and metaphysics.”

Dugin the Wizard


THE METAPHYSICS DUGIN holds is what takes him out of the realm of the ordinary and tightly into the crosshairs of politically-minded Pagans. His insistence on the spiritual is far from orthodox, and to most on the Right it’s the part of Dugin they’d prefer to forget.

We Americans are used to our politicians espousing a belief in a vaguely male “higher-power” that excuses sins and grants blessings in war. To compare this to the spiritual background of Aleksandr Dugin is like thinking two sips of beer is equatable to drinking a 12-pack of Four Loko astride a Kawasaki Ninja on Alligator Alley.

At rush hour. During tourist season.

Dugin has a long and documented involvement in the occult, and his choice of the Chaos Star as the symbol of the Eurasianist movement is no accident. In the 1980s, he is reported to have been a member of the Moscow-based “Black Order of the SS,” a group of intellectuals fascinated with mysticism, Nazism, and experiments with drugs and sex magic. This reportedly led to his expulsion from the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Later, Dugin took his interest in the occult even further. In the 1990s, he became editor of the Eurasian magazine Elementy. Dugin wrote often about the occult within the journal as well as praising the “spiritual and transcendental side of fascism.”

His occult maneuvers go far beyond mere aesthetic or intellectual curiosity.

In 1995, during an unsuccessful attempt to get elected to parliament, Dugin took part in a pre-election concert – described as a “black mass” by participants – in memory of the British occultist Aleister Crowley, notorious for his sex “magick.” During the performance, Dugin’s supporters read aloud from Crowley’s Book of the Law (“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”). Dugin is also reported to have met with figures from the Ordo Templi Orientis, a worldwide occult organisation that once boasted Crowley among its ranks.

Dugin sees the global conflicts of the world as an interplay of platonic and mystical forces. Consider his theory on geopolitics, which asserts that, since time immemorial, Atlantean forces have been at odds with the holy caste-kingdom of the steppes.

In planetary history, two opposing and constantly competing approaches to the mastery of the Earth’s space, the “land” and “sea” approaches, have existed. Depending on which orientation (“land” or “sea”) this or that state, people, or nation belongs to, their historical consciousness, their foreign and domestic policies, their psychology, and their worldview accord with entirely separate rules. Given this peculiarity, it is fully possible to speak of a “land,” “continental,” or even “steppe” (“steppe” is land in its pure, ideal form) worldview, and a “sea”, “island”, “oceanic” or “aquatic” one. 

A far cry from swastikas and Pepe memes of the typical fascist basement dweller yet uncannily familiar; eerily, one is reminded of the metaphysics espoused by the German-based Thule society that would eventually lead to Hitler’s rise.

The AltRight has been loathe to admit Dugin’s mysticism, and instead attributed it all to artistic metaphors and a Russian flair for the theatrical. In a much earlier paper titled The Great War of Continents, however, Dugin makes it very clear these are no mere metaphors but actual spiritual realities.

“The order of Eurasia, Order of the Male Principle, Sun, Hierarchy, is the projection of the Mount, Apollon, Ormudz, Solar Christ-in-Glory, Christ-pantocrator. Eurasia as the Earth of East is the Earth of Light, Earth of Paradise, Earth of Empire. The Earth of Hope. The Earth of the Pole.

The order of the Atlantic, Order of the Female Principle, Moon, Orgiastic Equality is the projection of the Egyptian Seth, Python, Ahriman, Christ Suffering, Human, immersed in the metaphysical despair of the lonely Getsemane prayer. Atlantic, Atlantis as the Earth of the West, is the Earth of the Night, the Earth of the “pit of exile” (as an islamic sufi said), Centre of Planetary Skepticism, Earth of the Great Metaphysical Spleen.

Both Orders have the deepest ontological and sacred roots, and have the metaphysical reasons to be what they are. To consider any of these Orders as an historical accident means to deny to the secret logics of human and cosmic cycles. The choice of a geopolitical path mirrors the choice of a metaphysical path, esoterical path, the path of the Spirit across the universe. Therefore any warranties do not exist, therefore it is impossible, strictly speaking, to affirm that Eurasia is good and Atlantic is bad, that Rome is saint and Carthago is wicked, nor the contrary. But everyone called by the Order should commit a resolute step and serve the Order. The laws of our world are such that the outcome of the Great Battle is not predetermined, the outcome of the drama “Eurasia against Atlantis” depends on the totality of planetary solidarity of all those called on to serve, all the soldier of geopolitics, all the secret agents of Land and the secret agents of Sea. The outcome of the cosmological war of Apollon with the Snake Python depends on each of us, whether we understand it or not.

Of course that’s all old news now with the Anointed One on the Drone Throne of the Americans. Dugin has unveiled a new metaphysics, a mystical call to “drain the swamp” with holy “solar fire.”

“I propose to rediscover the ideas of Pitirim Sorokin. He saw the social dynamic of history to be a chain of social paradigms which he called the ideational, idealistic, and the sensate. The ideational is the absolute domination of spirit over matter, asceticism, and the violent subjugation of the material world to spiritual and religious aspiration. The idealist type is balanced and based on the harmonious coexistence of the spirit and matter, where the spiritual part is slightly dominant but not exclusive (as in the ideational type). The sensate type of society is the domination of matter over spirit, the body over the soul. The Swamp is the sensate type of society. Until recently, it seemed that “sensate” and “American” were synonyms. But after Trump’s triumph, everything is different. Now the sensate is global and ex-centric. There is a kind of “translatio Imperii” nowhere and everywhere.

Sorokin stressed that the cyclical nature of society follows only one chain of succession: from the ideational to the idealistic to the sensate. The idealistic cannot follow the sensate, as it is impossible for the Swamp to evolve back into a semi-Swamp. After the Swamp comes the Sun, i.e., the fire, the Spirit – the Spirit in its radical, ideational form. To drain the Swamp, we need solar Fire, a Great Fire which should be in abundance.

The Swamp and Fire are two opposite elements distributed across the earth. Geopolitics now becomes vertical. Both of them can be found at any point. The meaning of place now is the momentum of the process of draining the Swamp. Where? Here and now.”

Critics of Aleksandr Dugin usually follow the model of either hopelessly out-of-touch liberals who merely mock Dugin for his “backward beliefs” or cynical materialists that are certain he’s conning an entire continent. Both are egregiously, hilariously wrong.

What your average Buzzfeed “reporter” fails to realize is the Russians were at the cutting edge of psychical and supernatural research since the time of the Czars. A Rand Corporation report woefully bemoaned in 1973 that even though the US appeared to be committed to the same level of study as the Soviets in all manner of High Weirdness, the Red Menace was still a full 40 years ahead of the Americans in almost every field. So sure were Boris and his comrades in the existence and usefulness of Psi that all Cosmonauts underwent mandatory telepathy training as a back-up for electrical failure in space.

Dugin’s spiritual conception, his telos, may be repugnant to the Witches and Wizards of our own shores but it’s impossible to deny the forces of which Aleksandr Dugin has at least some passing knowledge.

How Dugin sees the Spirit World and whether it’s true or not doesn’t really matter. I know people who have utilized Chaos Magick to call on Cthuhlu and achieved results. What matters is his ability to manifest his particular understanding of metaphysics and spirit into our own wider existences.

And unlike many, Dugin actually has that power.

Dugin the Diplomat


Dugin being welcomed as an honorary guest during a parliamentary meeting of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Ankara, Turkey on the day of the US election. Source:

IF ALEKSANDR DUGIN were just another Occultist whose political views filled me with a violent thirst for large guns and even larger calibers, there’d be no reason to learn his name.

But this is something different. In a world where most philosophers, let alone Occultists, can’t count on the head of the local city council to give them the time of day, Dugin is calling international meetings and stopping regional wars.

“Dugin’s role in resolving the crisis with Erdogan over the jet incident was confirmed by Ismail Hakki Pekin, a former head of Turkish military intelligence. He was one of five members of the Patriotic Party, including a fellow retired general and a retired admiral, who flew to Moscow in December 2015 for four days of meetings that Dugin arranged with current and retired Russian officers…

In March, with tensions between Putin and Erdogan still simmering, Dugin flew to Ankara for a follow up visit that included talks with relatives of Erdogan and other influential figures.

Dugin said he told the Turks that arresting the person accused of shooting dead one of the Russian pilots as he tried to parachute to safety would go a long way toward re-establishing relations. The next day, on March 30, the suspect was taken into custody in the eastern city of Izmir.”

Even though the Turkish media has gone as far to refer to Aleksandr Dugin as a special representative of the Russian president and foreign policy consultant” (something he does not deny) Dugin downplays his role, which may be just par for the course for any high level figure operating from the shadows.

“I can talk to people like an official can’t… A diplomat says what he’s told. What does a military man say? Even less. And an intelligence officer? Nothing at all. You don’t understand where the truth lies. I speak from the perspective of geopolitics. That’s why the Turks started to trust me.”

Dugin may not have Putin’s ear directly, but he at least can be sure his words will end up there, and the brokerage of an easement in what many considered might be the first shots of the Third World War is no easy feat. That the fame of this “former” Crowley fan who considers homosexuality and feminism “diseases” is spreading in Turkey and Iran should fill left-leaning weirdos the world over with dread.

Whether the former KGB agents that actually run Russia believe any of his ideas is of little consequence. Whether he is being exploited for nationalistic aims or studied as the oracle of a new order, Russia’s laws and culture are beginning to reflect the twisted vision inherent in Dugin’s spiritual matrix: Russia has decriminalized some forms of spousal abuse, a move lauded by the Orthodox Church, hailed as nothing less than a return to the patriarchal and “traditional society” Dugin prays for; in 2015 during the hammer-and-sickle-drenched Victory Day parade on Red Square, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu paused and made the sign of the cross in front of millions, himself neither Russian nor Christian.

The Spiritual World of Aleksandr Dugin is manifesting as we speak, from the height of the Russian oligarchy down to the pews in the nearly 23,000 refurbished churches dotting their domain. Like the Book of Honorious or the Goetia, it’s a potent fusion of occult ideas and Christian trappings upscaled to the size of 7,000 nuclear warheads, 15,000 tanks, and millions in loans to far-right European parties.

He’s even been linked to Richard Spencer.

If Dugin succeeds in this ritual, this exorcism of modernity and conjuration of all things inimical to Free Spirits, entire continents will be lost to a byzantine shroud of ignorance and brutality in the name of “traditional society.”

One of holy crosses and burning stakes, stone-hewn temples and melting human fat.

bones-profile-img-02Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits.

His writing can be found at Gods & Radicals and The Conjure House, reached by email or Facebook.

Dr. Bone’s essay, “Fear & Loathing At The Crossroads,” is available exclusively in A Beautiful Resistance: Left Sacred.  Buy it online here!


  1. Cheesy alt-right goth conservative making a dramatic show with the symbols and the hipster beard and the “shocking” politiks… this isn’t a wizard, he’s a mark.


  2. Dugin has duped many from all sides of the political spectrum. It would be a mistake to underestimate his influence. His organization operates in more than 22 countries and includes paramilitary units, intelligence services and very aggressive recruiters.

    I found this article and addendum on Dugin insightful.

    Many Dugin followers in the U.S. are also in the LaRouche cult.

    Thanks for exposing Dugin. He must be crushed.


  3. He obviously wants to create a new nation called neofacist-Eurasia with himself as the all knowing tyrant Wizard King. Not the first screwball and not the last. This is why some people should keep away from the occult and magick and become potato farmers instead!


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