I Call to the Ancestors

I call to the first single-celled bacteria who divided on that fateful day.
I call to the green-blue algae sun-bathing slimily on the sea.
I call to the stromatolites, living rocks, anchors, billions of years old.
I call in the Cambrian explosion: BOOM! Let there be life!
I call to the trilobite. Come famous one, hard-shelled, scurrying,
many-legged, throwing off your shadow-fossils on the sea-floor.
I call to anomalocaris: stalk-eyed predator, lobed,
spike-armed, round-mawed.
I call to ottaia, opabinia, hallucigenia, canadaspis, marrela.
I call to the crinoids and nautiloids; many-tentacled in party hats.
I call to the sea scorpion, to jawless and jawed, ray-finned and lobe-finned fish.
I call to the sporing plants; Cooksonia, ready your sporangia.
I call to fern, horse-tail, club moss, scaly tree.
I call to the tetrapods; casineria with your five toes,
aconthostega, diadactes, eucritta from the black lagoon.
I call to the gigantic dragonfly: let us borrow your diamond eyes
and filmy wings to fly over the great forest from
which we drink the oil of your bones.
I call to the dinosaurs: those of you with and without feathers,
archaeoptryx, sinosauropteryx, caudipteryx, T-Rex,
pterodactyl, stegosaurus, brontosaurus,
all of you who crawled or soared.
I call to the meteor that brought your end.
I call to the mammals snuffling mouse-like from terror underground.
I call to the marsupials and the furry purses of their young.
I call to eohippus running dog-sized on three toes,
becoming orohippus, epihippus… one-toed horse.
I call to the canids with sharp carnassials and bone-crunching molars
becoming fox, coyote, dingo, wolf and dog.
I call to our ancestors of blood and bone.
I call to the loving ape.
I call to those who walked from Africa.
I call to our black-skinned, red-skinned,
white-skinned, brown-skinned, yellow-skinned ancestors.
I call to all the souls who have walked this earth and will walk again
in many forms: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, lovers.
I call to the ancestors who walk with us
on each fateful day into each
new world.

Lorna Smithers

Lorna Smithers profile picLorna Smithers is an awenydd, Brythonic polytheist and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd recovering lost stories of the land and myths of forgotten gods and leaving Signposts in the Mist. She is the author of Enchanting the Shadowlands, editor of A Beautiful Resistance: The Fire is Here and a contributor to Awen ac Awenydd, Dun Brython, and Gods & Radicals.

Lorna Smithers was the editor of the second issue of A Beautiful Resistance, and her work appears in all three. You can now purchase our entire catalogue of publications in digital form together for $20 US.

11 thoughts on “I Call to the Ancestors

  1. Something about “those who walked from Africa” feels a little weird, since it’s not like nobody stayed or lives there now. But this is really nice! Thank you very much for sharing.


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    An evocative call to the Ancestors from Lorna Smithers

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