Call For Submissions: A Beautiful Resistance

(This information is also available as a .pdf here)

A Beautiful Resistance, Issue 4

Call For Submissions

Gods&Radicals is now accepting submissions for the fourth issue of our journal, A Beautiful Resistance, until 1 July, 2017.

Prose and poetic works, theoretical or reflective essays, investigations or reports, and other verbal assaults against capital and empire are quite welcome. So, too, are photographic and artistic works (color or black&white).

Confirmed contributors receive compensation depending on final sales, minimum payment $40 US.

For prose, we prefer works between 1500 and 8000 words; poetry may be of any length.

Images must be as large as possible and at a resolution of 300 dpi.

To submit, please email the editors of the journal at with the following protocol:

  • 1. Include your name and country of residence
  • 2. Please indicate that your work has not been published elsewhere.
  • 3. Indicate in the body of the email the name(s) of your submission(s).
  • 4. Include a brief (10-25 word) bio.
  • 5. Please submit no more than 3 prose pieces or 6 images.

For Prose or poetry

All submissions must be in .doc, .docx or .odt format. PDFs or in-line text are unusable.

*Please do not send links to your writing elsewhere (blogs, google docs, etc.) as potential submissions: only attachments will be considered.

For Images

Please label each image file with the title of the image, and include in the email the names of the images you’ve attached.

All decisions will be made by 15 July 2017, and we will notify each person as to our decision by 20 July 2017.


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