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Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World!

“This book will get you in trouble, and make you want to cause more trouble, and find others who want to cause trouble too, until next thing you know you’ve seized the means of production or successfully turned a riot into a revolt.”

Rhyd Wildermuth, from the foreword

Gods&Radicals is thrilled to announce the pre-sale of our latest publication:

“Do you want to be exploited forever, to die a beautiful soul trapped in a body-turned-machine, or will you rise in armed joy?”

In Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World, Conjurer and anarcho-communist swamp-dweller Dr. Bones unravels the Spectral Cage in which we–even magic-workers–find ourselves trapped. The State, Capitalism, Society, and Media all enmesh not just our actions but our very perception both of this world and the Other, and Dr. Bones shows you how to forge the keys to freedom.

But unlike the pulp pablum pushed out by mass-market magic publishers, this book won’t tell you how to get that car you saw in the commercial, or how to get a raise or find inner peace. Instead, Dr. Bones offers you rituals and theory to change the entire world, to free not just yourself but others, and issues a revolutionary call to take up magical arms against Capital and the State.

Production, Distribution, and Pre-Sale Information

Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World is 120 pages, 6X9 inches, perfect bound, B&W with a matte cover. Pre-sale begins 18 May, 2017 and ends 30 June, 2017 for delivery between 1 July and 15 July, 2017. It will be available for regular sale on 1 July, 2017, and a digital edition will follow in mid-July.

A sample chapter is available here.

Pre-Sale Pricing and Packages

For readers in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom, single orders are $14.00 (US) and include shipping and handling. In Canada and Australia, the price is $16.00 US.

Gods&Radicals is pleased to offer other books along with this one at a discount. This package includes:

  • ┬áCurse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World, by Dr. Bones
  • Pagan Anarchism, by Christopher Scott Thompson
  • A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer, by Alley Valkyrie & Rhyd Wildermuth

Readers in the United States and the United Kingdom can purchase this package for $30.00 US. In Europe, the price is $32.00 US, and in Canada and Australia, the price is $34.00 US.

For all pre-sale orders, delivery is scheduled by 15 July, 2017.

Please order by using our secure order form here.

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