Publishing News & Updates

Dear Readers,

Gods&Radicals was recently informed by our printers that the cost of printing several of our publications has significantly increased. For our publications printed in full color (A Beautiful Resistance), the cost increase is particularly high: 25%.

Regrettably, we will need to increase the price of our publications starting 1 July. Subscription rates will also increase on that date.

As a not-for-profit, with no owner extracting profit from the sales of our publications, we’ve been able to keep our prices low while still being one of the only Pagan publishers to pay their writers for group publications.  Many small anarchist publishers likewise have not been able to do this, either. Though we’re deeply sorry to need to increase our prices, we are just as deeply committed to continuing to pay our print writers and artists, and that price increase will make sure this happens.

Also, we will continue to offer solidarity copies to those who cannot afford our publications regardless of cost.

Please note: changes will not go into effect until 1 July. Those wishing to purchase our books at the current rate may do so until that date here.

Publication schedule update

The release of Dr. Bones’ new book, Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World, will be delayed ten days. Thus, pre-orders scheduled for delivery between 1 July and 15 July are now expected to arrive between 10 July and 25 July.

Open Submissions

The call for submissions to the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance is still open, and closes 1 July. The editors of this issue will be Lorna Smithers and Lia Hunter.

New Publications and Manuscript Submissions

We recently approve the initial contract for a publication for early next year, and are finalizing another publication for late September.

We are always open to new manuscripts. Please note that we currently have a 30-day turnaround on queries.


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