Oh Death, Skilled with Her Scythe

come harvest these dried stalks
stifling thought and speech:
sterile language of war
beneath which slithers fear
and hope. Till our mind’s soil
until desire sprouts
from dormant seeds of joy.
Help us to grieve visions
desiccated by words
and seek essence of dream.
Lunacy rules us now,
renders us hungry beasts
fighting in barren fields.
Decalcify the mind
and let us learn anew
the speech of stone and tree,
the alphabet of bird.
For this earth will offer
everything we seek
when we can remember
the humble way to ask.

Anthony Rella

09LowResAnthony Rella is a witch, writer, and psychotherapist living in Seattle, Washington. Anthony is a student and mentor of Morningstar Mystery School, and has studied and practiced witchcraft since starting in the Reclaiming tradition in 2005. More on his work is available at his website.

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