Icarus The Phoenix

A poem from Ellen Ricks

Sipping on molotov cocktails
Watching the bridges burn.
Paragraph and people singe, then fade.
Igniting and Extinguishing.
Becoming a idol is no easy feat.

Combing through the wreckage of my holy lands
Creating wings forged from tarot cards and old scars.
Lords of the Labyrinth warn me not to fly so high.
Igniting and Extinguishing.
But failed to tell me what it meant to fall.

Miracle, called me a miracle
Must have been magic, to fall from such heights
There is no savior here, only survival
Igniting and Extinguishing.
Rebirth is just mending the broken pieces.

Scarlett and glitter imprint on me like a tattoo.
Keeping the ashes as a talisman.
Reminder that prophets are self-actualized
Cautionary tales are written by us
Igniting and Extinguishing.

Ellen Ricks

Ellen Ricks is a freelance writer living in Upstate New York. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Potsdam She has been published in a number of presses, both in print and online.  She was the 2nd place winner in the 2017 Poetry Matters Project Lit Prize for Poetry in their adult category, and was a finalist for the 2014 Norman Mailer Creative Writing Award for 2-year colleges (creative nonfiction). She runs the fashion blog Sarcasm in Heels.  When not writing she is drinking black coffee, singing off key to musicals and arguing with her tarot cards.

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