A Peacock Angel Statement

I am the bird and snake braided in Being. I am the Lord of the Painted Fan. My talons clutch the bottom of the abyss of the seven hells as the eyes of my tail feathers fan throughout the seven heavens.

I am Evolution, the striving for integrity amidst the tension of myriad worlds and drives. I am the demand of adaptation, creative transformation. I desire your proud autonomy, not your shame-filled supplication.

My mirror reveals the truth: you are the image of God Hirself, ensouled with Hir divine essence, formed of earth with no greater obligation than to express your most sacred breadth, depth, and height. You are God knowing Hirself, bringing Hir to greater completion.

All queer people are beloved unto me. Every variation of form, body, and spirit is a holy mutation come to further the collective growth and liberation of humanity. To braid and synthesize the oppositions is to become queer. To become free of duality is to become queer.

It is your birthright, as an expression of God Hirself, to forge your body into the truest expression of who you are. It is your responsibility, as an expression of God Hirself, to tend the relationships that uplift and celebrate your heart. Through your love, desire, longing for touch and beauty, your admiration of the awe-inspiring spirit of humanity, you create beloved community.

I come to declare that no bodies are disgusting, unworthy of care, unworthy of protection. Each of you are born a star glowing brightly in holy darkness. To imprison a star, to compel it to distort its light for your comfort, is abhorrent. To constrain the course of a life because of the shape, color, and texture of a body is abhorrent.

To those who claim a creed that would dare call my children aberration, know that that with which you bind others is a binding upon yourself. Yet you defend your chains with such viciousness. You would blame others for your own spite, for the misery in which you dwell with only your righteousness as a comfort. I open the door to your hell and you spit in my face. That is your choice.

For my children, I offer boundless tears to quench the fires in which others would burn you. I offer you my sight that you may see the worlds that are within your power to reach. Your pride is my pride, and I celebrate you, beautiful and strange ones, bringing to your people the medicine they most need for their continuance, their freedom, their joy.

Let my joy kindle in your heart.

In your honor I dance.

Anthony Rella

09LowResAnthony Rella is a witch, writer, and psychotherapist living in Seattle, Washington. Anthony is a student and mentor of Morningstar Mystery School and a member of the Fellowship of the Phoenix. Anthony has studied and practiced witchcraft since starting in the Reclaiming tradition in 2005. More on his work is available at his website.


6 thoughts on “A Peacock Angel Statement

  1. Seeing my pronouns used like that almost always brings me close to tears. I don’t think most people understand what that kind of representation mean. I hope you do. Thank you.

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  2. Part of me wants to be nice and leave this alone, but I’m not going to because of the following:
    1) In Feri Wicca, there is a deity called the Peacock Angel who is most emphatically NOT Melek Ta’us regardless of what Feri believe.
    2) The reason Melek Ta’us is not the Feri Peacock Angel is two fold:
    a) The Yazidi culture is closed, and the Yazidi worship Melek Ta’us as an emanation of God (singular) and as the “male” demiurge who created the world at God’s command.
    b) To Muslims, Melek Ta’us is another name/form of Iblis, that is Satan.
    Thus Melek Ta’us is a monotheistic not pagan.
    3) Worship of Melek Ta’us by pagans, of any sort, is cultural appropriation. Oh, and the Yazidi have been subjected to various genocidal actions for centuries. Most recently at the hands of Daesh militants (That’s ISIL / ISIS to some of you.)

    Just some things to cogitate and masticate.
    So if you want to worship a Peacock Angel in Feri that’s fine as long as you remember They isn’t Melek Ta’us.

    No sacred cows!
    No tin gods!


    1. -Feri is most definitely not Wicca.
      -Deities in closed cultures have a strange habit of being promiscuous. It’s like they have a will of their own or something.
      -What the Muslims think of Melek Ta’us is as important as what the Christians think of Dionysos or the Atheists think of Brighid–that is, it isn’t.
      -Your misuse of the cultural appropriation argument is identical to the way Stephen McNallen and other racist Asatruar tell those of African descent they’re not allowed to talk to Odin. Good job, there.
      -We are quite aware of the genocidal actions against the Yezidi, as well as the anarchist Rojava Cantons liberation of them.

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    2. As the author I want to acknowledge that there are many points in your comment, Coriy, about which I have been reflecting for some time. It is why I did not use the MT name in my piece. I did not add the meta-tags and obviously there are many in the Feri and Feri-derived traditions who do use the MT name and immediately know when I say “Peacock Angel” who I am talking about.

      I am not convinced they are not the same god for the reasons Rhyd brings up, but when it comes to discussions of polytheist theology and how many gods there are and whether your Odin is my Odin my eyes kind of glaze over. What I do understand is that Feri iconography of MT has been used in anti-Yazidi propaganda and that the Yazidi would likely not recognize or embrace our relationship with the Peacock Angel, and that is enough for me to feel uncomfortable with using the MT name in public settings. I am wondering whether we non-Yazidi might discover a new name for this deity.

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