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Survive the Fascist Apocalypse with This ONE WEIRD TRICK

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“The members of the great criminal gangs have mutual relations that are strongly marked with communism. If they represent a survival from a prior age, we can also consider them as the precursors of a better age in the future. In all cities they know where to address themselves so they’ll be received and hidden. Up to a certain point they show themselves to be generous and prodigal towards those of their milieu. If they consider the rich as their natural enemies, as a legitimate prey – a point of view quite difficult to contradict – a large number of them are animated by the spirit of Robin Hood; when it comes to the poor many thieves show themselves to have a good heart.” – Edward Carpenter, Civilization, its Cause and Cure

“The difference between the student radicals and the Hells Angels is that the students are rebelling against the past, while the Angels are fighting the future.” – Hunter S. Thompson, Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

She walks through crumbling streets and decaying buildings, neon lights reflected in dirty puddles made dark by ash. Thunder rumbles in the distance, and the smell of yet another wildfire runs across her nose. The street fills with a shadow and she ducks into a doorway. Above her a drone projects ads onto the dim and dirty clouds.

“\(◎o◎)/!マブダチ! Sell plasma & organs for BTC/$$$! Contact Versa Labs today! (*^▽^*)”

“Service. Trust. Belonging. Don’t you want a life off-world? Indentured Employment Awaits… scan this ad for immediate referral…”


The last projection summons up a hail of gunfire from some distant location. The drone goes down and she can hear cheers.

She waits though she doesn’t know why. She’s safe. The cops don’t come out here, the few businesses all know who runs these streets. The drone is just an adtek, and though it can record conversations it’s highly unlikely to do so. The sheer fact it came out here must mean it was wildly off course. Magnetic wave? Solar storm? Perhaps it was piloted? She thinks for a minute perhaps the air feels different, but her AppleBR locket faithfully reads the air is just as dirty here as anywhere else. What’s different? What’s changed?

As she continues on she begins to notice the posters. Recruitment, statements of importance, warnings to enemies to leave or face the consequences. Homemade solar panels and ragtag assortments of Oniwire spread out like spider webs. She knows they put them up, because the Safe Zones have to have special permission to mess with the network. All at a cost. Here she’s not so sure if they pay anything…

A few eyes stare out at her, surprisingly calm. They’re well fed and for a moment she’s embarrassed of her sullen cheeks. They know why she’s here. The checkpoints she passed earlier told her they’d alert the territory so she could pass by freely. She’d proven she was clear after a month-long investigation. Now here she was, ready to join the revolution.

Ready to fight. Ready to live. Ready to escape the endless nothingness promised to her by the crumbling governments of the orbiting stations where Google, Tesla, and Amazon all lived. She was free, finally, and she would make the world pay dearly for her slavery.

She sees a familiar face, the contact she’d run into at King Bao. An elfen little thing with green hair, tall boots, and a rifle slung around her back that looked as natural as the bangs hanging across her face. A far cry from the little mouse she’d first noticed singing “sunglasses at nite” on top of a bar counter.

A flag hangs above the doorway she stands in… what is it?

Is there a swastika on it? Red and black triangles? The skull and crossbones of an Egoist Union?

Are the people there all white? Multiracial? Do nooses hang from lampposts or do fruit trees grow over prisons? Is the territory an ethno-enclave, a node in an international union, or the nearest front in a riot that runs across continents? Do the people worship the God of No God or do full moons bring chants and sacrifice, ancient beings summoned from depths and dimensions we can barely fathom?

The conditions for all those things to be possible are on their way. They are manifesting as we speak. Which possibility becomes reality will be decided by who wins.

Because we are in a very special time.

And it is either the greatest of gifts or the bleakest of curses.

It’s All Over But the Crying


The American government knows it’s on its last legs. From deeming the dystopian cities of the future “ungovernable” to the super rich buying bunkers and private armies everybody seems very aware that all is not well in “the land of the free.”

Everyone outside a small fetish scene consisting of Rachel Maddow and blue donkeys is well aware there never was a recovery after the Great Recession. 94% of net job growth in the past decade was in the “alternative work category” and defined as “generally unsteady, without a fixed paycheck and with virtually no benefits.” Over 60% was due to the rise of independent contractors, freelancers and contract company workers.” In other words, nearly all of the 10 million jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were not traditional nine-to-five employment. Our economy has been completely restructured, as if by design, resulting in a captive population living on the edge and willing to undergo any hardship to stay alive.

This new serf-dom is still too little too late. We have reached a tipping point where technology is now destroying more jobs than it creates.

“In fact, some 47% of present jobs in the US could be computerized in the next 10 to 20 years, according to an Oxford University study published in 2013.

‘When people no longer receive the money from wages they need to support their families, it is hard to know what they will do, but in the past and in other countries this has been thought of as a situation ripe for a revolution,’ Wallach said.

Wallach would later add that this “dire response” can be avoided through “welfare reforms or job subsidies” and “redistributing some of the capital growth.”

Which of course is exactly the OPPOSITE of what the US is doing.

Trump’s tax plan is not yet law, but only has one more vote in both the House and Senate on what’s called “the conference report.” Since the House and Senate passed different versions of it, Republicans have to merge them into one version which is then voted on by both.

We aren’t sure what the final thing will look like, but if it bares any resemblance to what it does now the American people are FUCKED.

It has massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, along with $1 trillion ADDED to the deficit which will force deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security in the not too distant future.

But perhaps most shocking of all is the total elimination of the estate tax, better known as the tax on inheritances. With its absence the United States would become the most heavily armed enclave for the wealthy in the world, a mountain-dew soaked version of Brazil where the majority live in absolute poverty while the upper crust hide trillions in houses, land, and shell corporations.

Essentially every dollar that goes up to the bourgeoisie will never be coming back down again.

If revolution was a mere possibility before it’s practically guaranteed now. The only question is whose revolution will it be?

Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat


The death spiral of the American empire has not gone without notice, and even as we speak murderous hearts brimming with hatred wait eagerly with sharpened knives. The Fascists, hopped up on dreams of establishing an Ethnostate, are getting organized in ways eerily similar of a military campaign.

For one there is a clear psychological campaign, using memes and images to influence the wider mass as one might steer a rain cloud with the proper enchantment.

“Things are gradually progressing in our favor. As hard as we pull people to our side, the Left simply pushes them in our direction,” reads a recent essay on “Our principles do not need to change. Everything is solid and backed by reams of data and graphs and memes to make it all palatable… we must be somewhat approachable. Make normal people wonder why the media and the politicians are throwing hissy fits about us when all we’re doing is just drinking our beer… Normal, normal, normal. Let that word sink in.”

This tactic of appearing normal and using the Left against itself was in full effect during the recent “It’s Okay To Be White” campaign. The idea began on 4chan as a campaign to create “the most overblown reaction from the SJW Left possible” and that “this overreaction would then hopefully be taken negatively by middle of the road political centrists.” Websites were created to aid “Operation White” including which primarily featured a video outlining the “battle plan” for the “normie war.”

The slogan itself was genius, superbly fine-tuned to provoke rhetorical collapse on the part of any who challenge it; all possible responses would lead to negative results for the critical responder, most commonly “it’s not okay to be white?”

It was a trap and the Left, rather than combat this with an equally “common sense” slogan took the bait. Radicals thought they were in a debate they could “win” while the goal was merely to screenshot the worst responses and use it as ammo to prove leftists “hate white people.”

They even admitted as much.

If this seems like some next level shit that’s because it is. 

“Far right groups under the banner of the so-called ‘alt right’ are using psychological warfare techniques learnt from leaked NATO and British intelligence documents to spread white supremacism across the world, according to a new report.

In a study by the the Institute of Strategic Dialogue—titled ‘The Fringe Insurgency’—Julia Ebner and Jacob Davey argue that activists are ‘weaponising internet culture” to spread their ideology online and subvert democracies…

this included memetic warfare albums such as ‘normie memes’, and psychological operations resources, such as a ‘step by step how to manipulate narratives’ that links to GCHQ online deception and disruption playbooks,’ according to the authors.

On encrypted chat app Discord, special channels were set up to ‘coordinate large-scale social media campaigns and to encourage the use of a range of psychological operations and disinformation tactics,’ including spreading memes, setting up fake social media and ‘bot’ accounts, and monitoring and tailoring their impact with detailed web analytics techniques.‘”

According to leaked discord server logs, obtained by Rose City Antifa, the use of these military grade techniques extends into their recruiting:

tactics 10

Justin Marbury admits to putting up posters for groups that do not actually exist in an effort to recruit members and bring them to fascist groups like American Front. Via Rose City Antifa

groups 38
David Woods discusses different tactics of recruiting, whether for more hardcore nazis, or other susceptible far-right individuals. Via Rose City Antifa

The Fascists are not content to merely talk. Beyond the memes, beyond the posters, the Right is getting the training needed to win a full-blown civil war. According to The Stars and Stripes, the military’s own goddamn newspaper, “the number of white supremacists who have infiltrated the U.S. military is far greater than people realize.” Fascists are being instructed “to join the Army or Marine Corps and absorb all that they can  from learning how to shoot to working with C-4 explosives. Then, after acquiring military skills, followers are encouraged to get out of the service and prepare themselves for the coming race war.”

groups 24
Wehrmacht and Jimmy Marr, two fascists organizing on the West Coast, discuss current white supremacist organizations as a  future “Nationalist Militia” trained and ready in the case of collapse. Via Rose City Antifa.

Training for the collapse of the United States is just the tip of the turtle’s tooth. All around the country white supremacists are actively acquiring land and building bases to fight for and from. 

groups 26
Acquiring land is “priority number one” for West Coast fascists. Via Rose City Antifa

Such compounds allow the Right to organize from prying eyes, to provide services and training grounds for terrorist activity, and build a safe haven for members; a new world in the shell of the old simply waiting for the opportune time to spread. This is already the stated goal of the Wolves of Vinland, a white nationalist pagan organization Gods & Radicals has covered extensively.

“What does the future hold for the WOLVES?

“We’ll be a thousand times more sustainable. I see us growing and raising every morsel of our own food; fabricating all our own clothing, vehicles, and homes; having created an effective and efficient barter and trade economy based upon local and nationwide networks. I see villages of off-grid houses in a number of locations around the country where members and their families live or come stay as they please. I see a group of men and women, thousands strong…”

Beneath the surface of a crumbling empire lies battalions and legions of people who want you dead. They have the guns, the skills, and the land required to start an insurgency and either take power or cut out a sizable territory for themselves ON TOP OF a psychological operations force thousands strong and up to date on the latest techniques.

What does the Left have to combat that?

It’s A Sin to Tell A Lie

It is the opinion of this reporter that there are primarily two modes of existence in the Left today. Both take totally different tactics, and both leave much to be desired in the realm of psychological operations.

Even the most nakedly criminal organizations, ones who care solely about their members and have no interest in mass opinions or morals, are always keen to cultivate a relationship with the wider community: mafias settle disputes the cops seem unwilling to, gangs offer protection and the material means to survive, conspiracies and illegal networks offer members in the know avenues to places and things they’d otherwise never have access to.

The Left is ignoring this entire field of military tactics at its own peril, and we are now reaping the whirlwind of religiously believing talking down to people and “checking their privilege” was somehow going to win hearts and minds; we were so high on the idea that we were on the right side of history we forgot that history is written by the winner.

And the Fascists are currently winning.

But there is hope.

The first school of Leftist thought appears to be what we might call the “accelerationists.” Hopped up on the latest post-structural trends they are doing everything in their power to slow down any reform in the hopes that capitalism will become so deadly, so noxious, the choice will ultimately be between extinction or a new method of life.

This field is primarily filled with keyboard warriors doing their part to undermine and destroy any semblance of coherent thought that might arise while drawing people’s attention to worthless causes like discussing the political implications of cartoons, calling North Korea a “bastion of democracy,” or creating imaginary maps advocating the displacement of millions. Nothing is actually done offline and so the death march continues, unceasingly getting worse and more grim as time goes on. These battalions have done a superb job at achieving their mission: the Left is so splintered, so powerless, so utterly incapable of influencing even the most basic of material realities that if the United States underwent so much as a hiccup the Fascists would slaughter us like fish invited to a pelican wedding.

The shining beacon of this school of organizing is none other than the Democratic Socialists of America. Bravely brushing off the potent example of the Green Party they have somehow managed to trick thousands into believing the wealthy will simply allow their power to be voted away, that the cops will put down the KKK because the city council told them, and that somehow the CIA won’t kill them in their sleep if they ever thought such a pipedream could ever be dangerous.

This is not to say that local chapters aren’t filled with good people who truly believe they’re doing something worthwhile. I understand the why and the how. Hell I’ll even make room for it. The recent swarming of a lone DSA member for DARING to talk ill about a Democratic candidate so inept he just barely beat a pedophile proves that the Democrats are running scared. They need that fucking washington money just like any other addict, and when that source is threatened junkies are capable of anything: theft, murder, even setting an apartment complex on fire after the manager tells them to stop masturbating in front of windows.

Yeah. That HAPPENED.

If we’re talking about the DSA as a lefty version of the Tea Party it certainly has a place in a diversity of tactics. In April 2010, the Tea Party claimed just 67,000 members, and yet managed to win 47 seats in the House of Representatives that November. Millions supported the Tea Party without signing up, and voted for Tea Party-affiliated candidates running as Republicans. The Tea Party ideology has come to dominate the Republican political machine. The DSA could certainly be a fantastic insurgency within Democrat ranks to shift all conversations leftward and internally destroy voting blocs that have been active since the Clinton years. They could filibuster votes, shut down the government, and basically act as a wonderful force for sabotage.

But actually achieving a socialist society? The workers being in control of their own lives and freeing themselves from the yoke of the bourgeoisie?

Lol GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The national organization of the DSA has, in a sublime and almost artistic fashion, proven just how terrible large-scale organizations are in ways Stirner could never imagine. The only conclusion this reporter has come to is that they are in fact a group of hard-core accelerationsists, totally devoted to fucking everything up so the people have no other choice but to burn this country to the ground.

At their national convention, rather than wait to be infiltrated by the government, the DSA bravely voted in a cop to join party leadership, clearly showing their commitment to alienating every person of color who might otherwise be attracted to the overwhelmingly white outfit. Not content to alienate people of color they made sure to push would-be revolutionaries even further away by electing a cop whose sole claim to fame was “building the Bernie Campaign” and sending 37 delegates to the now admittedly rigged Democratic Convention.

When pressed the cop in question argued the Texas DSA “has at least a dozen members who organize or work with law enforcement” and “has a past NPC (National Political Committee ) member ” who “organized police and correctional officers” while serving on the NPC. Hilarious, but not enough. The DSA knew they would need to show just how useless an organization this big could be and proudly FAILED to remove the cop by a vote of 8.5 to 7.5.

It is one thing to simply tell people voting won’t change anything, but to have the revolutionary commitment to deceive them into believing it can and then, like some fucked up Zen master, to break every ounce of faith they once had in that idea is nothing short of masterful.

Eventually, due to overwhelming pressure from local members, the cop stepped down. But the DSA wasn’t done yet.

After the tragedy at Charlottesville there seemed to be a new hope for a renaissance in Leftist organizing. People wanted to do anything after suddenly becoming aware that the people waving nazi flags were not kidding when they said they would kill them. Quick to divert any reformist impulses back into militancy the DSA started a crowdfunding page to help cover the medical costs of comrades who had been injured.

They raised more than $198,000 to help victims and as of this writing they have ensured nobody has received a fucking dime.

The sat on the money for months after the national organization had repeatedly been asked to pay up; representatives of the Richmond and Charlottesville DSA chapters continually urged the NPC to give the money to those they knew to be injured, people’s who jobs and homes were in jeopardy.

These chapters, who were perhaps the most affected by the tragedy, asked for the funds to be held by national DSA while local chapters “moderate the dispersal” by vetting applications from the injured. This was done to limit police involvement and hopefully get the money to those who needed it quickly.

One can only imagine what it was like to stare into the eyes of those people, knowing that just behind them lay the broken bodies of comrades who may never walk again. How it might have pulled at the human heart. The DSA looked those people up and down and essentially told them to fuck off.

Is that libel or metaphor? An exaggeration perhaps but not by much. Austin Gonzales, the chair of the DSA’s Richmond, Virginia chapter told Al jazeera the NPC hadn’t even attempted “to entertain an alternative,” a brilliant lesson for those involved how any large-scale organization will always put its own needs before those of its members

Now the funds sit in the coffers of the National Compassion Fund. It is unknown what procedure they use for authentication of claims and according to the DSA’s own members “a significant downfall of their service is that the turnaround time on payouts takes significantly longer than many of our injured comrades can wait.”

So time moves on, and barring an emergent Fascist movement suddenly converting to the most pacifist strains of Buddhism and moving en masse to the Himalayas, the coming fluctuations in American power and strength will only further the eventual goal of a New Rhodesia with the added fun of a “white sharia.” The poor, the marginalized, and the prey of a predatory system find themselves toothless and surrounded; proponents of genocide and literal slavery inch ever closer to your friends and family as you read these words.

You will either fight or they will die.

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall


“Any program that’s brought into our community should be analyzed by the people of that community. It should be analyzed to see that it meets the relevant needs of that community. That’s what the Breakfast for Children Program is. A lot of people think it’s charity. But what does it do? It takes people from a stage to another stage. Any program that’s revolutionary is an advancing program. Revolution is change. We say that the Breakfast for Children Program is a socialistic program. It teaches the people basically that – by practice. We thought up and let them practice that theory and inspect that theory. What’s more important? And a woman said, “I don’t know if I like communism, and I don’t know if I like socialism. But I know that the Breakfast for Children Program feeds my kids. And if you put your hands on that Breakfast for Children Program…” – Fred Hampton, leader of what FBI head J. Edgar Hoover called the “greatest internal threat to national security.”

It is easy to look at the coming crisis as a death-kneel for revolutionary action; it is easy to either retreat back online and enjoy the mental masturbation of “hot takes” and shaming or simply give up, hide out in the woods, and flick the bean to just how badass of a nihilist you really are.

And that’s fine. Plenty will do that.

And those people are probably going to die.

Either that or they will very quickly shut up, and live under whatever nightmare regime rolls over them. They will kneel when they are told to kneel, they will look the other way as their black neighbors are shot, and as they juggle three or four jobs they’ll somehow find the time to talk about what could have been.

We are beyond that stage of history. Entire sections of the military and police stand ready to swear fealty to a fascist regime either in name or in practice. Leftists are being shot at, run over, terrorized, or threatened with prison stays in the decades. Crises precipitate change, and from the looks of it this country may be wholly unrecognizable in twenty years.

Make no bones about it: We are playing catch up in a game that just might cost you your life.

Time to start acting like it.

The other avenue of organization left to us is self-defense in the name of survival, instituting programs and functions that live the theories we love to talk about and can actually keep our loved ones alive.

Self-defense against capitalism can be acquiring land and turning it into community gardens to ensure food security.

Self-defense against patriarchy can be camping trips where the knowledge of crafting shelters, tracking game, and building fires is made the property of all instead of mere masculinity.

Self-defense against ableism can be underground networks of medicine and healthcare (which the Christians have already done) to ensure comrades with disabilities can continue to live.

And yes, self-defense can also be having the weaponry and skills to ensure those that seek your mortality do so at their own peril.

Self-defense can be many things, but what makes self-defense so radical is, rather than waiting for elected leaders or a general strike that never comes, people get involved in practical examples of our desired world so they can learn from their own experiences. It is about empowering people, improving the lives of the exploited and oppressed here-and-now, and teaching ourselves the specific needs of resisting a world that wants us dead.

And thank the gods some people are leading the way.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief was on the ground in Tampa after hurricane Irma cutting down trees, clearing roads, providing first aid, and engaging in mobile supplies distribution; the group not only funneled over 10 tons of supplies like food, water, and diapers to migrant farmworkers but turned their first aid station into a full-blown wellness center including acupuncture, trauma counseling, peer support, and herbal medicine. Maintaining a spirit of internationalism the MADR flew to Puerto Rico and helped a community actually seize a fucking building, successfully defending it from the police and using it to provide food and water to 300 people every day. “We are changing the way we relate to each other,” said one comrade. “That’s what we want. To change the behaviors we have learned through capitalism.”

We can set up such structures in our community, and as Capitalism continues to despoil the planet we’ll need them just to survive. But how do you defend them? What keeps the cops or the roving hordes of white nationalists at bay? The Peoples Revolutionary Defense Coalition is one such collective I spoke to that’s turning words and ideas into actions and results.

Originally formed out of a desire to start a Redneck Revolt/JBGC chapter in St. Louis, the group “decided to start fresh with our own org to address situations more specific” to their local area. “Our first few ventures as a group were dedicated to providing security for rallies, as attacks by reactionaries and state forces are quite common here,” they told me over Twitter.

Today they teach those same skills. “We train people in firearms use and care, whether they’re more experienced and just looking to refine, or if they’ve never touched one at all. We also hold regular unarmed self-defense class taught by someone with competitive experience in multiple combat sports and will soon be offering classes in digital security.” The group has organized free street medic training available to the public and is currently planning community projects that are outside a combat orientation.

And what might that look like? We’ve actually seen it before.




In the early 1800’s Florida was a wild and lawless territory only nominally under European control. The Seminoles, Miccosukees, and runaway slaves who called her home established close ties, understanding that though different they all shared a common need to defend themselves and their way of life. To this end they established fully armed and productive communities, one on the banks of the Appalachicola so fertile it had fields and plantations extending fifty miles up the river. The centerpiece of this community was the “Negro Fort” as it was called by the Americans.

Originally built by the British it was now run exclusively by freed and runaway slaves. The fort boasted four long twenty-four pounder cannons, four long six-pounder cannons, a four-pound field pierce, and a five and a half inch howitzer. The fort and its community was so strong, so inspiring, the American military considered it a threat to the entire system of white supremacy and slavery.

“The service rendered by the destruction of the fort,” wrote one colonel, “is of great and manifest importance to the United States, and particularly those States bordering on the Creek nation… it [has] become the general rendezvous for runaway slaves and disaffected Indians; and asylum where they were assured of being received; a stronghold where they found arms and ammunition to protect themselves against their owners and the Government.”

It’s time to start building places like that again. It’s time to start acquiring the territory, the skills, and the supplies to create places where autonomy and mutual aid can flourish. That means taking care of people while the State retreats to safety and that means keeping them safe while Fascism stains the land. This isn’t a theoretical flourish or a call to march down another street in protest. I’m talking about access to goods and services outside of state control, about being received and hidden simply because you’re a comrade, about walking down the street and knowing that if somebody lays a hand on you an entire crowd is ready to snap it in two. Instead of talking about ideas let’s start building a leftism with benefits; when we say something belongs to the people we need to actually mean it.

Voting will not save you from bullets. Having a breathless knowledge of obscure leftist taking points will not get you fed. Act like you wanna survive goddamnit and do something about it!

We can take this opportunity, this moment in time, and instead of seeing it as a threat turn it into something beautiful. The things we build today might become “consecrated by ‘many an oft told tale’ of early adventure, of hardship and suffering” just as they were for the free communities in Florida; we might just be building the cultures and communities necessary to survive an apocalyptic hellscape, ones that eventually mature into full blown ways of being.

Maybe what awaits us isn’t some apocalyptic depression but a new world torn from the corpse of the old.

Maybe. But it all depends on you.



Dr. Bones is a Hoodoo-slingin’ Florida native and Egoist-Communist spitting pure vitriol and sorcerous wisdom at a world gone mad. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits.

His poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism can be found at Gods & Radicals and The Conjure House. He can be reached by emailtwitter, or facebook. Want to do him a favor? Help keep him alive for as little as $4.99 a month.


Here’s the link to our donation page to help pay writers such as Dr. Bones.
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief can be supported here.
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Thank you!



  1. I live in a small rural community with a sizable Amish population. We could all learn a lot of lessons from them about self sufficiency, organizing a community inside an over culture etc. Strange blend of patriarchy, communalism, leveling and counterculturism going on with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The only thing I would add to your suggestions Dr. Bones is that people also acquire some form of weaponry that doesn’t operate on bullets, like a long bow or cross bow, to also practice with these weapons and to learn how to make arrows and bolts, much easier to manufacture than bullets, therefore much more likely to serve in the long term. I’m not saying don’t acquire firearms and bullets, I’m just saying don’t only acquire firearms and bullets.

    Liked by 1 person

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