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Turkey Tags Out of NATO, Looks To Fuck United States

Syria has only become more confusing as a potential war between NATO allies looms in the distance. Alliances are changing. The future is becoming increasingly uncertain. It is clear to this reporter that only a conjurer has any chance of understanding the writhing, enigmatic clusterfuck before us. Who else could pull apart the tangled threads of geopolitics but someone familiar with the movin’ and shakin’s of the luck plane, the persnickety nature of the dearly departed, or the wrathful and practically non-sensical going-ons of the gods?

Have you SEEN what passes for “journalism” nowadays? A bunch of flavorless hacks asking softball questions approved by government heads, all in meek tones to please advertisers; CNN will demand to know how wars will be fought but never ask the president to explain why innocent children must die in them; MSNBC will cheer for Democrats regardless of how many times they shake hands with Saudi royalty in an effort to sell them guns.

They look where the politician’s fingers point, and as such Syria is a mystery to them. I get drunk and channel discarnate entities, and as such my eyes go where the screams of pain cry out.

Maybe that’s why I’m running against a deadline, editors frantically calling me.

“Bones, this is the 4th time I’ve called.” His voices twinges with both anger and fear. “Are you going to write anything? You’ve only got a few hours! Just…please, call me back, let me know what’s happening.”

What’s happening? Who can say? Any understanding of reality has to be sought, hunted, pieced together, and even then it’s only a crude map. You watch for signs, omens, the manifestation of hidden and unacknowledged powers in-between the headlines. You begin to sense the bigger picture and piece the unspoken into a coherent conversation. This is half the trick of any good sorcery. The nightmares and noises connect to the murder that happened on the property; the uneasy feeling you got around that person turns out to be a warning about the rapes he committed; America’s quest for global domination reveals itself as the Cowboy Archetype writ large, carrying the White Man’s Burden towards a new frontier in desperate need of pacification.

You may not have all the details, all the theory, but you get enough to get by.

The way things are headed that may be all we can hope for.

If we are to act effectively in Hellworld we need to at least have an accurate picture of what’s REALLY GOING ON, instead of the putrid mush slopped out to the working class by their preferred propaganda networks. This is not a game supposed to be watched, nor understood by Jane or John Doe. The CIA and the FSB pay good money to keep them unawares. Global war is far too delicate a reality for…proletarian sensibilities. The narratives we are fed are simple enough for digestion and exist to keep us stupid. Ineffective. Blind. Knowledge of the Empire’s failures keeps our hopes high and our blades sharp. We are hyenas waiting for the sickliest State to fall. Drool with me, fellow scavenger, as I rapidly type in between shots of rum and fevered glances towards the clock. Will I make the deadline? How pissed will Rhyd be? Let’s find out!

Allow me to make you aware of some serious motherfucking changes in the future of World War 3.

If Your Left Ear Tingles, The News Will Be Bad

Turkey’s invasion into YPG held territory, called “Operation Olive Branch” because fuck you, has been referred to by Turkish press as a war against “terrorism.” This is total bullshit because Turkey is widely known to be shipping Islamic radicals INTO Syria, a full 10,000 of them claiming to be members of the “Free Syrian Army;” this is the very same force Russia and Syria have sworn to liquefy and claim are merely a cover group for ISIS. They also eat human hearts.

Why hasn’t Russia stopped the Free Syrian Army from tearing ass across the north? Why hasn’t Syria? Why has the public sabre rattling gone quiet? Why is Turkey not receiving the same treatment as its NATO ally the United States?

“Yes, all sides admit that there was an incident at a U.S. base in Deir Ezzor. And that elements of the Syrian regime and Shiite militias participated in the assault. The Pentagon and Kremlin both acknowledge that Russian ‘mercenaries’ participated, too.”

Big news one would imagine, yet not much of a peep out of the White House. Instead reporters were offered the illusion of a bewildered reaction.

“U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis… called the whole thing perplexing. ‘I have no idea why they would attack there, the forces were known to be there, obviously the Russians knew,’ he said. ‘We have always known that there are elements in this very complex battle space that the Russians did not have, I would call it, control of.'”

A far cry from the “catastrophic consequences” Russia originally warned about but important all the same. American soldiers fought Russian nationals, the supposed “mercenaries” having been flown back to Russia for medical treatment, a weird response to supposed soldiers of fortune.

Or is it?

Two global powers are playing a very big game, one with far-reaching consequences. A certain illusion has to be maintained less the prussianized populace catch wind a traditional adversary has bloodied the beloved flag. This was most obvious during the Shayrat airbase attack in April of 2017.

The “official” story was that American ships targeted a location from which Syrian forces launched a “chemical attack” on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun. American war hawks cheered and the world braced for the possibility of another world war. Russia was there! Trump was a mad man!

Except for the fact that was never a possibility. No Russians had died in the missile attack. Why?

“The Pentagon confirmed Russia had been told of the impending strike through military channels, despite earlier claims from Tillerson that there had been no contact.”

Strange way to conduct war, unless of course both parties are aware that The Game has certain rules. Russia can’t just go out and say ISIS is LITERALLY working for the United States and the American government can’t vaporize Russian nationals. If push comes to shove both sides need some room for plausible deniability as well as room to retreat. Nobody wants a full-blown war when a limited game costing thousands of brown lives can be played instead.

Turkey knows these rules all too well:

“From the point of view of Turkey, the recruitment of former ISIS combatants means that it can draw on a large pool of professional and experienced soldiers. Another advantage is that they are not Turks, so if they suffer serious casualties this will do no damage to the Turkish government.”

A nice, easy little war. Something fun. People still die or have their arms blown off, just not anybody that matters to the voters. Things could have continued just like that, Russia and America pitting human battering rams against one another until somebody blinked. We’re still playing that way in the Ukraine. Why not here?

Why not indeed….

Putting Your Shoes on The Table Is Bad Luck

Turkey played a key role in the American-run destabilization of Syria, arming and aiding ISIS when we could not. We needed them to play The Game. In return the United States allowed them to bomb Kurdish targets instead of ISIS held territory with NATO approval. Both States were united, bound by military treaty and a werewolf-esque hunger for the tears of women and children.

This all changed when Turkey became convinced the United States was trying to kill Erdogan.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, current President of Turkey, accused the West of “supporting terrorism” and said the failed coup that almost took him out of office was organized by “foreign powers.” The charge is that those powers are extremely American. According to Turkish media:

“General John F. Campbell, a former US commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), organized meetings and preparations that lasted over eight-and-half-a-months before the Turkey coup…

According to military sources, the coup plotters agreed to allow the U.S. authority to establish a U.S. military base at the Turkey-Syria border.

…also promised to upset the balances in the area by blocking Russia in a military and economic manner after establishing a coup regime in Turkey in the second half of 2016.

If they had failed to take full control, then the second plan would have been implemented: turning Turkey into a new Syria.”

Far be it from me, an uneducated Floridian sorcerer, to opine on the truth of such allegations. I can note the US was certainly uncomfortable with how close Russia and Turkey had been getting after a visit by Aleksandr Dugin, Putin’s pet Necromancer. I can also point to the past, a shared past that both Turkish and American officials would be very aware of:

“Syria fell into the anti-Western camp as a result of the oust of Western leaning President Adib Shishakli in 1954. The coup was orchestrated by the Syrian Communist Party, former Syrian President Atassi, and Druze officers in the Syrian army. After the coup, the communist and Arab nationalist elements seized greater control within the country’s political and military apparatus. Both Turks and Americans perceived further communist take-over of Syria as a vital threat to the containment of communist expansion in the region…

Washington was, at that time, in the midst of trying to remove Syria’s leftist government from power by covert action. CIA funds were deployed to create riots by the followers of former President Shishakli. Turkey was tasked to create border disturbances in the north to justify the use of military force if necessary.”

Weird! That sure sounds familiar! This is how the US rolls, what we do, and Turkey has been helping us do it for a long, long time. Why wouldn’t they be suspicious? If we knew about the impending coup, as the United States later admitted it did, why didn’t we warn the Turkish President… unless we had a hand in it? The claim by the CIA that it didn’t know enough about the coup to say for sure what was happening sounds like bullshit… especially considering somebody else did:

“The Russian army intercepted Turkish military communications that indicated a coup was being organized against the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to Fars News. This information was then passed on to Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), diplomatic sources told the news agency.”

Even after the coup Turkey was hardly treated as a wounded ally. Erdogan suggested Turkey would be unable to continue its strategic allegiance with the US if it continued to hold the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is accused by the Turkish government of instigating the coup attempt. The United States told him to get fucked, saying they’d need documented proof before any extradition. Erdogan replied by noting “we did not request documents for terrorists that you wanted returned.” Turkey sent Germany more than 4,000 files on “wanted terrorists” involved with the coup. Germany did nothing. “The West is supporting terrorism and taking sides with coups,” Erdogan would go on to say. “Those we considered friends are siding with coup-plotters and terrorists.”

In Cartomancy the 9 of Clubs represents “unseen consequences,” larger events looming in the background waiting to manifest. It is the increase in wind when a hurricane is still days away, the unnatural quiet before a tornado. It also represents not “seeing the forest for the trees,” a lamentable position where the individual is so bogged down in details the larger goals or imagery are lost in all the noise.

Preoccupied, blinded, or woefully ignorant, the complex interactions of luck and choice rend our illusion of stability, regardless of whether we can fathom their consequences.

Or prepare for them.

To Dream of a Lizard Is A Sign
That You Have A Secret Enemy

Put yourself in Turkey’s shoes. You’ve tortured, killed, even trained a friend’s proxy army of raving lunatics. Guilty or not this same friend sure ACTS like he almost had a hand in your undoing. What do you do?

“The leaders of Iran, Russia and Turkey met Wednesday for high-level talks on ending the Syrian war, cementing their influence on the outcome of the conflict and isolating the United States from the region’s most crucial diplomacy.”

What do you get?

“Russian President Vladimir Putin regards weapons deals with Turkey, a key member of NATO, as ‘a priority task’ for his government.

…The agreement raises the prospect of a NATO ally integrating its defenses with Russia at the expense of cooperation with other allies, as well as the potential for sanctions under U.S. law.”

This is a big fucking deal. The current handler of America’s rabid proxy army has switched sides in the middle of an undeclared war for global dominance. This not only changes the regional power game completely, it allows the Russian Black Sea Fleet to dodge a crucial battle it would have lost by its own admission. Freed from any fear, the Russian Navy gains a smooth entrance to the Mediterranean as well as the ability to threaten Europe’s weak underbelly. It is one thing to follow American foreign policy when all Russia can do is threaten from afar. It’s another thing altogether when their ships sit right outside your ports, guns fully loaded, and implore you to rethink diplomacy.

Recall ALSO the threat Turkey made last year to “blow the mind” of Europe by sending “15,000 refugees… each month” into the continent, a response to the Netherlands and Germany refusing to allow Turkish ministers to campaign for the expansion of President Erdogan’s powers. That weapon is now in Russia’s hands, a perfect tool considering they’ve been bankrolling far-right parties across the continent eager to capitalize on xenophobia.

Turkey is certainly stretching its new muscles. After invading YPG-held Afrin, Turkey has repeatedly threatened to push its operations further east to Manbij where U.S. troops are currently stationed. To underscore what this might mean, last week an American service member was killed by an improvised explosive device “during an operation against Turkish backed militias the Islamic State.

It gets wilder! As an added “wumbo factor” and sure sign the god Huehuecóyotl walks among us, France has offered to send special forces in to stop the Turkey’s advance into YPG held territory. That is a NATO nation threatening to attack the soldiers of another NATO nation, something once thought impossible. Turkey did not take this well.

“If France takes any steps regarding its military presence in northern Syria,” said Turkish Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli, “this would be an illegitimate step that would go against international law and in fact, it would be an invasion.”

If French and Turkish troops exchange fire, what happens to NATO? Who do the member states attack? If they attacked would Russia get involved? Would the United States?

Cows Lifting Their Tails Is A Sure Sign Rain Is Coming

What’s all this mean? It might be important to the American Imperium, the Middle East, maybe even to the future of our no-doubt underground dwelling descendants, those naked and pale creatures gnawing on the flesh of their siblings and totally unaware of the radioactive world outside their protective vaults.

Yes… a decades-long ally abandoning the Empire, running off with our secrets, our guns, and our proxy army of trained killers. Not just running away but PISSED and wanting REVENGE. A bad omen, a sign of weird currents, the kind of shit that makes you scrub the house with Florida Water and burn red candles for St. Michael.

But in our own lives, betwixt the never-ending search for the perfect parking spot or fresh hentai involving insect ovaphilia, how will the shift in Turkish foreign policy affect us?

Some journalists might call up a defense contractor, or maybe a former Republican campaign manager. As a freewheeling reporter of fortune I’ve sent my emails but alas, no one’s returned my messages. Bearing down on a deadline, and with only two hours before publication, I’ve decided to consult my own expert.

Arguments between a family (10 of Hearts), understood to be NATO, will lead to major battles and setbacks (3 of Spades). This will create an opening for radicals to gather strength (5 of Clubs) and build networks. Turkey’s “illicit affair” (10 of Diamonds) with Russia will only be allowed to go on for so long. Already politicians are beginning to ask if Turkey will be sanctioned under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, a law imposing new sanctions on any country that strikes “highly-significant” agreements with Russia’s defense industry.

Such steps will completely miss the point. The United States will continue to push but miss the bigger picture unfolding (10 of Clubs). Turkey is not going to be whipped back into our waiting arms. We can expect piecemeal charges, fines, and sabre rattling but no serious diplomatic attempts and THAT is what will fuck it up.

To mitigate this the United States will seek to bolster its remaining allies (6 of Hearts) and keep its alliances healthy (5 of Clubs). This could bode well for the Kurds. It will most definitely shift Trump’s eyes outward rather than inward, which will give us all some room to breathe. America will desire to appear strong, healthy. A war-weary populace will be sold the lie that international violence is necessary to preserve peace.  Three Tens (10 of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts, 10 of Clubs) usually signify a rise in social life, though not a happy one. We can expect the anti-war crowd to rise again, with all the Democrat baggage that comes with it. This can benefit us, but it will be up to us to be ready and capture the narrative.

Commit these ideas to memory and repeat them as often as needed, whether in a quiet discussion or screaming in the face of Hillary Clinton: The problem is not Trump, it is the American Empire. He’s not fighting for personal glory, he’s warring for Imperialism and Capital. No matter what the Democrats say they would do exactly the same thing as we saw in Libya. Turkey’s long-standing history of supporting and running ISIS proves that all States are corrupt and work only in their own interest, and that Russia’s “anti-imperialist” rhetoric only extends as far as its military interests do. Wars like Syria will continue to rise like pus-filled tumors across the globe as long as Capitalists bicker and the planet withers away.

A large part of what happens now is out of our hands. The dice are rolling, the gods are plotting, people in very nice suits somewhere are arguing viciously on what to do next. We are not players, nor even spectators, to The Great Game we catch glimpses of now and then. Our job is to ruin the game, make it unbearable, smack the pieces on the floor and tip the table; we need to capitalize on every mistake any player makes. Given how much of a catastrophic mistake it was to push Turkey into the arms of the Russians, we can be assured we’ll have plenty of fuel to do just that.

Ha! Made it! And with time to spare!

This calls for a toast, don’t you think?

Dr. Bones



Dr. Bones is a Hoodoo-slingin’ Florida native and Egoist-Communist spitting pure vitriol and sorcerous wisdom at a world gone mad. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits.

His poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism can be found at Gods & Radicals and The Conjure House. He can be reached by emailtwitter, or facebook. Want to do him a favor? Help keep him alive for as little as $4.99 a month.

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  1. This has been boiling over for the past 20 years, no, since 1994 at least. Oil pipelines are important, and stymieing a Russian pipeline running through Syria has been part of the Great Game since at least the 90’s. The fight is getting more desperate now. I knew that Turkey would eventually turn, the pressure of maintaining ethnic hegemony forever makes the Turkish government the enemy of all Kurds not interested in pretending to be Turks. You better believe there is Azerbaijan money coming into this, on top of the private petro-dollars and U.S. funds. My fear for the Kurds was that they would get liquidated after they were no longer useful to the U.S. Now my fear is that the Kurds will be liquidated while being of use to the U.S.

    The time to try and start to influence all of this? 1993. Indeed, this avalanche has already started.


  2. A lot of good stuff here, but I think your theories get too convoluted because you’re looking for a ‘great game’ with two players. In reality, there are three, and the US and Turkey have never been on the same side. Axis 1 we’ll call ‘Sunni populism’ – this is Tunisia, many Libyan groups, Morsi, several Gulf States, and Turkey; comfortable with whatever majority Sunni armies are in Syria/Iraq. The US will work with them, but isn’t a big fan. Then you have the Shia axis – Iran, Syria, Yemeni rebels, backed by Russia. More secular, but still united by religion. Finally you have the status quo axis: the US, Israel, Jordan, Al Sisi. The other two are revisionists, trying to change the status quo. So status quo powers are content to play them against each other to forsetall more radical change. Their problem in Syria is that no one is happy with the status quo, and so they have no good allies. They oppose Syria but also will bomb IS. They seem now to be content with the YPG as their nominal allies in the region, but have no ideological affinity for them, and thus aren’t willing to alienate either side in their defense.

    When looked at this way, US behavior is less significant but makes more sense; the US has been wrong-footed from the beginning because it won’t align with either major faction. From this view, the major shifts have been Egypt shifting from a Sunni populist government under Morsi to a secular status quo one under Sisi, and it seems the Saudis may be making a similar shift. The US has little control over the situation in Syria/Iraq/Yemen, but at this point that is marginal. They have firm allies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and of course Israel protecting all of their major interests. Turkey is less aligning with Russia than working to defend its own interests and those of its axis.


  3. Not certain if the first attempt to post this comment worked, so here it is again with a slight correction at the bottom.

    WWIII is being tested out on the backs of Syrians, who are being collectively punished while also remaining entirely irrelevant. It could happen somewhere else, and it probably will.

    In 2014, there was a neat little recording of a discussion by “top spy chief, the foreign minister and his deputy, and a top military official discussing secret plans for possible military action in Syria.” Namely, “one option that is said [SIC] to have been discussed was orchestrating an attack on the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which is in northern Syria and is considered by the government here to be Turkish territory.” Reported rather meekly by respectable sources, mind you.

    Here the conversation in two parts, in Turkish, with the transcript. Years of studying it have been good for something, I guess.

    Obviously, that is just one filthy detail among countless ones. It still amazes me (though it shouldn’t) that it doesn’t even occur to middle class liberals that children are killed brutally whenever someone drops bombs on them, and that a history of any war in the last 100 years cannot be written without an extensive look at arms deals. Jane’s Armour and Artillery, anyone? It has nice full size pictures, too.

    As a former war refugee myself, I cannot even tell whether this war has healed some of my own wounds by revealing the shameless global dynamic of murder (and deemphasizing the particularities of my own fate), or whether it has reopened old wounds. It has certainly been a great test of people’s character now that I pass for middle class and even white, largely due to my Ph.D. — the Gods know, not my finances. Those who treat refugees like animals and worse only show who they are.

    But refugee or not — the bulk of the global elites are thirsting for a replay of the 20th century, one in which socialist movements never happened and they can suck all of our blood before processing us into Soylent Green. That much I know.

    Love and respect to you again, Dr. Bones. I’ve spoken to ambassadors who had far less understanding of the geopolitics that the “Florida peasant.” Too busy schmoozing to take their blindfolds off, even in private.

    Correction: Patacelsus above is correct, too. My own political awakening took place during the first Iraq war. In a sense, it was already too late back then. But some of us do not have a choice.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Turkey historically has been on the opposite side of the US in both previous DECLARED World Wars, why would it be different in this undeclared one? (and yes, I realize that I might have ethnic biases here as an ethnic Greek, but the MAJOR reason that the US has been so hands-off with the documented human rights abuses of multiple Turkish regimes is because of the desire for easier access for our warships to the Black Sea)


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