Support Our Beautiful Resistance

In 2015, two anarchist witches saw the desperate need for an anti-capitalist voice to confront the profit-driven and exploitative establishment of Pagan publishing. They also saw the need for a magically-driven voice to re-assert the dignity of spiritual cultures in Leftist radicalism.

They created that voice with Gods&Radicals, and many others soon joined them.

From our founding as a website to our expansion as a widely successful book publisher with 14 titles, Gods&Radicals Press has shown the world that resistance can be beautiful, that we do not need to hide our meaning from others, and that meaning can never be for sale.

We do this only with your help.

Our Beautiful Resistance

Gods&Radicals Press is an anti-capitalist, not-for-profit publishing organization. No one owns us. We’re run by a five- women board that supervises the work of our managing editor (Rhyd Wildermuth). Our online journal is edited by Mirna Wabi-Sabi, and our essays and articles are written by authors from around the world.

We pay everyone who works for Gods&Radicals. Here’s how:

We pay our site writers, and we’re one of the few anti-capitalist or Pagan sites to do this. We are able to do this because our readers believe that writing is work and all work should be paid.¬†We also pay our editors, Mirna Wabi-Sabi and Rhyd Wildermuth, through donations from readers. Donations from dedicated, generous readers pays our writers and the editorial work of Gods&Radicals.

Print writers are also paid for their work. Authors receive 50% of post-cost revenue in royalties, one of the highest in the capitalist-dominated publishing industry (and higher than many non-profit publishers, too). The other 50% of funds goes back into the organization to develop future publishing projects. Layout, cover design, copy-editing and book editing is also paid, all funded through sales (not donations). That is, the publishing side of Gods&Radicals is fully self-supporting.

How You Can Support Our Work

To fully fund our online journal, we need to raise $14,000 in 2019. This money will be used for paying site writers and editors. With this amount we intend to hire Mirna Wabi-Sabi as full site editor and increase her pay, as well as increase the pay for our site writers and increase the amount of articles we publish.

One-time and recurring donations in any amount go a long way towards helping us reach this goal. And we are also offering perks for specific donation amounts:

One-time donations (Perks delivered after 1 February, 2019)

  • ($20): Sticker multi-pack (one each of four designs)
  • ($30): Full sticker pack (2 each of every design)
  • ($50): T-shirt, or any print book
  • ($100): Any two print books and a T-shirt.
  • ($250): Full print catalogue.
  • ($500): Full print catalogue, including all books until end of 2019
  • ($750 or above): Full print catalogue, including all books until end of 2020.

Monthly donations (perks delivered after four consecutive donations)

  • ($3): Sticker multi-pack (one each of four designs)
  • ($5): Full sticker pack (2 each of every design)
  • ($10): Any print book or a t-shirt.
  • ($20): Any one print book, a t-shirt, and our sticker multi-pack
  • ($30): Any two print books, a t-shirt, and our sticker multi-pack
  • ($50): Full print catalogue
  • ($100): Full print catalogue, including all books printed until the end of 2019
  • ($200+): Every book by Gods&Radicals, including all books printed until the end of 2020

To donate, go directly to the fundraiser page here.

Can’t donate now? Sharing our fundraiser also goes a long way towards helping us.

Thank you for being part of our work.

Resist beautifully!



2 thoughts on “Support Our Beautiful Resistance

  1. Reblogged this on Signposts in the Mist and commented:

    Gods & Radicals is a Pagan anti-capitalist publishing organisation which publishes 3 -4 pieces of free writing on the on-line journal a week. What is unique about Gods & Radicals within the Pagan (and wider) publishing industry is that it pays its writers and pays them fairly. I write for Gods & Radicals once a month and the payment I receive is invaluable. This is made possible by donations and Gods & Radicals are running a fundraiser so the writers and editor can be paid again next year. If you’re a regular reader of the on-line journal please consider donating so our work can continue.


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