Statement regarding Sean Donahue

Dear readers,

One of our writers, Sean Donahue, has been recently accused of multiple acts of sexual impropriety, refusal to respect sexual boundaries, and other consent-related violations.

Out of respect for the initial community-led restorative justice mediation process that was put into place after the first allegations came to light, we made no statements regarding the matter and chose to wait for the resolution.

Unfortunately, that process prematurely ended and no resolution was found.

Even more recently, more allegations have been aired on social media regarding the writer, and until a new mediation process is put into place and a resolution is found, we will publish no new works by the writer (either in print or on our website). In addition, because the presence of his previous essays on our website could be construed as tacit support of his alleged actions, we will be making these unavailable after 1 November, 2018 until resolution (if any) is found.

We would like to make several things clear. Firstly, we consider all violations of consent against anyone completely contrary to the world we want to build. We also support all attempts to attain safety, healing, and restoration for victims of abuse, as well as community-led and intentional processes to bring those who have caused harm into responsibility and restoration back into communities when possible. And our decision is not intended as a declaration of certainty regarding the events described, but rather an effort to help resolution be found and avoid potential harm to any processes that occur.

This is not a decision we take lightly, and there are no guides for decisions in such matters. Failure to find resolution harms not just particular victims of abuse, but also the communities of which they and those who have abused are counted as members. Failure to address abuse also harms those in other communities who have not found resolution or justice.

To the individuals and communities involved, we offer our hope that resolution, healing, right-relationship, and safety are restored, and to all those in other communities we offer this hope as well.

Rhyd Wildermuth,
Managing Editor, Gods&Radicals Press

Alley Valkyrie,
President, Gods&Radicals Press.

5 thoughts on “Statement regarding Sean Donahue

  1. Please can put links to all the posts you are going to censor/hide so it is easy for those of us who want to keep them to download copies before you remove them. Or email me links privately thank you.


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