[Un]Conscious Colonialism – Why is “Native Spirituality” a Pagan Genre?

“Being placed within Paganism for quite a few decades now, the genre of “Native Spirituality” has been a convenience entirely directed by white people.”

from Pegi Eyers

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One thought on “[Un]Conscious Colonialism – Why is “Native Spirituality” a Pagan Genre?

  1. Indigenous spirituality is not a Pagan genre. Indigenous religions and cultures, being Earth-oriented and broadly animistic, are very similar to Pagan religions. That doesn’t mean that they are the same. Yes, there are people who have been appropriating Indigenous spirituality and practices within the broader Pagan community, but I was under the impression that for the most part, people have realized that this is out of order. I have seen people push back against appropriative practices at events.

    I do regard the Indigenous religions of Turtle Island as related world views in the same way as I regard Hinduism and Taoism as related world views: not to be appropriated, but as something that Pagans should defend against the depredations of colonialism, missionaries, etc. One of the best ways you can do that is by joining Survival International and/or Cultural Survival— two excellent organizations.

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