A Beautiful Resistance, #2

Edited by Lancashire poet and awenydd Lorna Smithers, and foreworded by UK mystic, anarchist, and animist Emma Restall Orr, the second Issue of the Gods&Radicals journal, A Beautiful Resistance, is now on sale and will be shipping soon.

(The Digital Edition can be purchased here)

Rates are as follows:

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US Single-Issue (#2): $12.50+$3.50 shipping: ($16.00)

US Subscription (issues #2 and #3): $21+$7 shipping ($28.00)

UK Single-Issue (#2): £ 9 + £ 3 shipping: (£ 12)

UK Subscription (issues #2 and #3): £ 14 + £ 6 shipping: (£ 20)

EU Single-Issue: € 13 + € 3.50 shipping (€ 16.50)

EU Subscription: € 23 + € 7: (€ 30)

CANADA Single-Issue: (US Currency) $14.00+$6 shipping ($20)

CANADA Subscription: (US Currency) $24+ $12 shipping ($32)

AUSTRALIA Single-Issue (AUS dollars) $18+ $4 shipping ($22)

AUSTRALIA Subscription (AUS dollars) $30+ $8 shipping ($38)

OTHER COUNTRIES: Please email us at gods.and.radicals [at] gmail.com for prices.  Please write “ELSEWHERE ORDER” in the subject heading, and allow us up to a week to respond.


Gods&Radicals is a non-profit, anti-capitalist pagan publisher registered in the state of Washington and currently in application for tax-exempt status.  Our only revenue comes from sales of our publications and kind donations from the community.

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Underwriting an issue of A Beautiful Resistance would go a long way to help keep our per-issue cost low, as well as helping us compensate writers, copy-editors, and each Journal editor for their work.

We’re happy to accept donations in any amount. Underwriters who donate $50 (US) or more can choose to have their name listed on a special gratitude page of the upcoming journal to thank them for their support.

Underwriters who donate $100 or more can also choose to receive a perpetual subscription to A Beautiful Resistance

The deadline to become an Underwriter of the second issue of A Beautiful Resistance is April 1st.

To donate any amount or to become an underwriter, follow this link. And thank you!