Digital Versions of A Beautiful Resistance

(looking for the Print edition?)

We now offer digital versions of A Beautiful Resistance–Everything We Already Are.

There are two editions, both PDF.  Because other formats will not satisfactorily preserve the layout of poems, and because poetry is quite important to us, we will only be offering this issue in PDF format.

Neither edition contains DRM, and both are hosted off-site–links below will take you directly to the purchase page on Gumroad.

Option one: full size (8.5×11), color, with images–$8

This version is identical to the print edition with no modifications.  It’s best read on larger screens (computers, larger tablets) and less suitable for smartphones or small tablets.

Option two: smaller (6×9), B&W, no images–$7

For those wishing to read A Beautiful Resistance on much smaller screens, we’ve issued a second version. It’s narrower and has no images, resembling more an book than a magazine.  Text is not “reflowable,” so it’s unsuitable for most portable e-book readers, but better than the large edition for smartphones and small tablets.