About Us

Why “Gods&Radicals?”

The name comes from a presentation on anti-Capitalism and Paganism that Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth gave at a conference in California. “Gods” was chosen because many of the people there, including Alley and Rhyd, were the sort who talk to gods.  And “Radicals” was chosen because the word had become a slur against anyone who thought we should get rid of Capitalism.

Why “A Site of Beautiful Resistance?”

“A Beautiful Resistance” is the name of our print journal. It’s also a guiding principle for us. The idea of resisting Capitalism and exploitation and patriarchy and all that seems a bit dreary. And sometimes resistance is seen as violent.  We think that resistance should be beautiful, because the idea isn’t to replace a violent world with more violence, or a dreary world with more drearyness, but to replace what has become destructive and cruel with something beautiful and life-affirming.

What are you?

A secret cabal of kittens plotting revenge against unhappiness and lack of string.

No, actually, we’re a registered non-profit Pagan Anti-Capitalist publisher.  We have a board of four awesome people and a managing editor. Also, we have many different writers, and are always looking for more.

How is the site run? How are you funded?

We try to run things as non-hierarchical and as decentralized as possible.  We have a full time managing editor and a board of directors who are his boss.

Writers post their own pieces on the site and make their own schedules. They are now paid, thanks to your generous support. Our non-profit status allows us to collect tax-deductible donations, and much of our funding comes this way.  The remainder comes from the sales of our publications.

Who is the managing editor?


This guy, Rhyd Wildermuth. He’s one of the co-founders of the site and has been steering Gods&Radicals since it was founded.

You can read his work for Gods&Radicals here, check out his personal blog, or email him directly at Editor@godsandradicals.org


What do you publish?

Books! We have a twice-yearly journal called A Beautiful Resistance. We’ve also published several other works. Find those all here.

Are you a political party?

We like parties, yes, but the sort with music and fun conversation. We’re not a Political Party, though.

The political views of our writers, editors, board members, and artists are impossible to compress into a label. Some of us are socialists, or anarchists, or Marxists, or radical feminists, or communists. Some don’t have political affiliation at all.  And we don’t have a political doctrine.

What unites us is our desire to build a world without Capitalism. And the fact that most of us are Pagan.

So, you’re all Pagans?

Mostly, yeah.  Though some of us would call ourselves druids, or awenyddion, or witches, or polytheists, or animists, or materialists, Wiccans, or humanists, or heathens, or…you get the point.  As with politics, we don’t try to fit ourselves or each other into labels or onto platforms.

But generally, we all have some degree of resonance with the term ‘Pagan,’ but we’d rather spend our time unraveling the dark magic of Capital than fighting over religious labels.

How Do I Write For You?

Send us an email! We’re always interested in new writers for the site, and we also do open-calls for submissions for A Beautiful Resistance.

We’re currently not looking for manuscripts at the moment, though.

Our email is editor@godsandradicals.org

How do I support you?

Really?  Awesome!  We’re always happy to accept donations. Also, telling others about us is really appreciated.

How do I complain to you?


I’d like to contact a writer

Neat! We are always happy to forward messages to our writers if you don’t have other ways of contacting them!