Disabling Capitalism

From Sean Donahue: "Capitalism simply rations early death to those who can’t afford to live."

The Neurobiology of Re/enchantment

from Sean Donahue: If the world seems devoid of magic, maybe it is because capitalism keeps us under a neurobiological enchantment that prevents us from sensing the presence and movement of the numinous.

The War I Inherited

from Sean Donahue There are parts of my family's history I may never know except through the whispers of ghosts and the traces of story held in my bones.

Plant Magic

from Sean Donahue Like gods and people, plants exist for themselves -- and as part the complex ecologies from which they emerge. Many contemporary magical practitioners approach them simply as inert objects to be used in ritual or spellcraft-- a perspective and approach that both emerge from and reinforce capitalist materialist culture's denial of the living intelligences of the other than human world.

Enclosures, New and Old

The armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on the already occupied land of the Paiute Nation by a white, Christian "militia" has tangled roots in capitalism's violent origins.