Why Do Radicals Need Gods?

From James Lindenschmidt: "The world is bigger than the mechanistic, reductionist viewpoint upon which capitalism depends."

Valdres Roots: Enclosure, Ancestral Displacement, & Domestication

From James Lindenschmidt: "Ancestral connection to place was strong enough to withstand centuries of hardship, famine, plague, warfare, and a thousand harsh Norwegian winters, only to be destroyed by something so insidious that people have to be taught what "enclosure" means."

Book Review: Like Water

by James Lindenschmidt: Like Water is a story about my tribe, my comrades. The reality of police brutality, violence, and murder of civilians on the streets is foregrounded in the story, but the novel never comes across as preachy or even judgmental. The fact is, these characters must endure, each in their own way, in the aftermath of state-sanctioned murder.