This Body, This World

From Kadmus: "But there was a time when gods had bodies, and our world was the body of a goddess - a time when the cosmos was a kaleidoscopic orgy of copulating divine bodies."

The Original Sacred

From Kadmus: "Once the wild world was the Sacred, rising around humanity in overpowering movement and blossom."

Paganism and Magical Thinking

From Kadmus: When I speak with my gods, though of course I cannot speak for any of you, they do not tell me "Have faith, all will be well," they tell me "Struggle, and we will struggle with you."

The Other Gods

From Kadmus: "What these gods offer us is an experience, not a symbol, and it is an experience from which our relationship with the other gods takes its source."

Magic is the Revolution

From Kadmus: If the specter of revolution is to once more haunt the leaders of the world it must be summoned from its afterlife by the necromancers and witches of today.