The Cloud Seeders Part Three

“Recovering our pagan traditions we could learn again to swim in the skies, return with cloud seeds to sow new myths, new rites, to recite and paint the poetry of clouds”

The Cloud Seeders Part Two

The second essay in a series exploring the roots of the coercive technology of cloud seeding. This examines the banishment of the gods of the clouds and mist from Britain and the persecution of witches for weather magic during the witch hunts.

The Cloud Seeders: Part One

The first part of an essay exploring the roots of the coercive technology of cloud seeding. This focuses on the destruction of ancient animistic and polytheistic cultures in Britain and Europe. From Lorna Smithers.

Drought Summit

After a drought summit is called on Lammas/Lughnasadh/Gwyl Awst Lorna Smithers journeys to seek meaning from the Welsh story of Lleu Llaw Gyffes

Questions of Water

As a heatwave continues to scorch the UK Lorna Smithers poses questions about water use, the sources of our water and who controls them.

Summer Here and Winter There

For the Summer Solstice: reflections on the contraries of Summer and Winter, climate change and uncertainty from Lorna Smithers.

The Ways We Breathe

A meditation on breathing as participation in a vast realm of beings who are imperilled by the smoke of the Anthropocene.

The Alchemy of Waste

Lorna Smithers follows her garbage from her bins to its destinations and uncovers how polluting chemical industries are profiting from the alchemy of waste.