Exploiting Chaos

An awenydd's perspective on our exploitation of the chaotic spirits of gas and its consequences (from Lorna Smithers).

Tower Hill

A copy writer questions his role in the system after seeing the head of Brân the Blessed mouthing silent words at him over Tower Hill. (From Lorna Smithers)

Battle Not With Monsters

From Lorna Smithers: a glosa based on lines from Friedrich Nietzsche written in the voices of the monsters of Annwn.

The Scream Over Annwfn

From Lorna Smithers: an essay on 'the mysterious ritual frenzy' of the scream over Annwfn and its modern manifestations.


Three poems exploring the theme of 'detritus' - 'waste or debris'. Each is based on a dream.

I Call to the Ancestors

As an antidote to the anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene, a call to all our ancestors since life's beginning.

On a Swan’s Wing

Poem based on Sacha Dench’s radical journey as a human swan to find out why Bewick’s swans are disappearing.

Winter King

Devotional poetry for Winter's King from Lorna Smithers.