Cwn Annwn and the Passage of Souls

'Through the concrete of office blocks and headphones of call centres, over the white noise of television, we still hear the Cwn Annwn howling. The harder we try to shut them out the louder they howl...'


Last Monday, the UK government voted to renew its Trident nuclear deterrence programme. This poem evokes the moment the commander of the Vanguard submarine is handed the Letter of Last Resort.

After Procopius

As Brexit divides Britain and Europe, Lorna Smithers looks back to the othering effect of the Antonine Wall in the writing of Procopius.

Review: Soul of the Earth

From Lorna Smithers: These valuable poems address our ecological and spiritual crisis and reclaim our relationship with the earth from the hegemonic narrative of capitalism

The Unopened Door

"Remember, remember, what's behind that door? There's a reason we have to keep it shut, I'm sure." A wonderful contemporary interpretation based on one of the stories in the ancient Mabinogion.

The Strikebreakers

From Lorna Smithers: Poem evoking the moment Irish strikebreakers arrived from Belfast workhouses in Preston during the Great Lockout of 1853-1854 with historical background.