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Category: Anarchism

The Hunt and the Hound: part 1

From Lee Davies; "When our ancestors forgot the divine purpose of the Wild Hunt, they began to fear it. It is time that fear was stoked again"

Report From Greece, Part 1

From George Caffentzis: "As I walk through downtown Thessaloniki in the soft evening air I wonder, am I on the deck of the Titanic or am I walking through Paradise?"

Blowing the Ram’s Horn

From George Caffentzis: "repayment of debt leading to harmful consequences can be legitimately and morally opposed, especially if it creates slave-like conditions on a mass scale and social polarization."

The Roots of Our Resistance

From Rhyd Wildermuth: " Rootless people are easily controlled and coerced, people without the stories, myths, and spirits of a place have nowhere to turn beside the market for the creation of their meaning."


From Mark Shekoyan, on Pan, Decolonization, and Rewilding: " In order to create resistance to power, we must first decolonize our minds and practices."