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Category: Anarchism

Report From Greece, Part 1

From George Caffentzis: "As I walk through downtown Thessaloniki in the soft evening air I wonder, am I on the deck of the Titanic or am I walking through Paradise?"

Blowing the Ram’s Horn

From George Caffentzis: "repayment of debt leading to harmful consequences can be legitimately and morally opposed, especially if it creates slave-like conditions on a mass scale and social polarization."

The Roots of Our Resistance

From Rhyd Wildermuth: " Rootless people are easily controlled and coerced, people without the stories, myths, and spirits of a place have nowhere to turn beside the market for the creation of their meaning."


From Mark Shekoyan, on Pan, Decolonization, and Rewilding: " In order to create resistance to power, we must first decolonize our minds and practices."

The Rattling at the Gate

From Sean Donahue: "I hear them -- the dead rattling at the gates. The human ones and the wild ones whose presence was essential to the wholeness and integrity of the living world, who were driven into the realm of the dead before their time, and who are clamoring to return."