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Category: Article

I am a Child of Night

From Johnny Rapture: "our society attempts to mould us into cookie-cutter people whose bodies all fit into certain expectations that sometimes — often! — can not be met because our bodies are diverse and amazing and sometimes awful."

Litany of the Meadows

From poet and awenydd Lorna Smithers: "I share these poems which give voice to the intrinsic value of meadows and bees, their worth to the gods, and to the threat of their extinction"

Spirit of the Aquifer

From Lorna Smithers: An article, poem and story based around the breaching of the aquifer beneath Castle Hill during the building of Riversway Dockland and the loss of the water-dragon who was its guardian spirit.

Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston

From Lorna Smithers: Account of the industrialisation of Preston and the radical movements which have opposed it and fought for political reform. Due to the threat of fracking Preston continues to be a centre of conflict today.