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Category: Capitalism

Columbia’s Bloody Dream

from Sean Donahue The American Dream that Columbia represents has always been a bloody dream -- one which promises wealth, leisure, and liberty while diverting attention away from the continual violence on which it depends.

Shopping Malls Are Awesome (A Post About Burnout)

From Asa West: "when you realize that the work you're doing isn't effective, you have to be willing to stop and switch to something else. Because throwing yourself into pointless work is nothing more than a slow spiritual death."

Putting Out

Rhyd Wildermuth, on Sex Work, Wiemar Berlin, Capitalism, and the lie of the 'Sharing Economy'

Blowing the Ram’s Horn

From George Caffentzis: "repayment of debt leading to harmful consequences can be legitimately and morally opposed, especially if it creates slave-like conditions on a mass scale and social polarization."