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Category: Capitalism

Capitalist Leveling and the Problem of Pagan Values

From Kadmus: "In the face of the Market the pagan says “No” to the dominance of any one value and “No” to a limitless nihilistic process of destruction and control. Here, in part, is our integrity, where we draw the line and state clearly that some things, many things, even most things have no market price."

Bonfire Circle

The Enchanted

From Lia Hunter: In an unbalanced world spinning into chaos, will the healers that the Earth has produced hear their names being chanted by the Earth and spirits, and answer the call to bring their tools to bear at the root of the problems?

Pagans Are A Conquered People

From James Lindenschmidt: "It doesn't matter what kind of Pagan you are, which specific tradition, subculture, or set of Pagan values you embrace, we Pagans are a conquered people."

Towards a Pagan Politics

From Kadmus: "The politics of paganism must be a politics of resistance to totalization, an assertion of the inherent value of the many ways of human life."

The Spirit of the Free Market

From Linda Boeckhout: "During my lifetime, an ill wind stirred once more in the west and now blows freely, like a chilly draught we only truly start noticing while we are already shivering...."

The Quality of Mercy

From Judith O'Grady, on evil, will, and cats: "People search long and hard for 'masters' who will accept the responsibility of taking away the power of decision from their followers. But first, their followers let them."