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Category: Cultural Commentary

Who Lives Here?

From Judith O'Grady, on Urban farms, chipmunks, and what will remember us when we are gone

Dirt Sorcery I – Home

From Al Cummins: Any magical practitioner worth their salt will tell you names have power. And this is a place of Lost Names...

Apocalyptic Paradoxes

From Sean Donahue: "Most of the stories people in our culture tell about organized resistance against oppression are set in dystopias created in the wake of a cataclysm. And indeed, apocalyptic events seem to be the only thing most people believe can bring an end to capitalism. "

Reclaiming Narnia: Walking Trees, Talking Beasts, Divine Waters

From Jonathan Woolley: "We are the speaking beasts, the walking trees, the divine waters – Narnia and the North, and all they represent, are our birthright; we must reclaim them from those who would dominate them. Is it possible to live in a world without castles, without the war, without lions and witches?"

Loitering at the Gates of Paradise

From Linda Boeckhout: It seems we want to stand with one foot in the animal kingdom, but where is the other? We keep hanging around the Gates of Paradise.