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Category: Druidry

Editorial: The Blue-Black Stain

From Rhyd Wildermuth: "seeing how political forces have shaped our existence, seeing how there is nowhere sacred anymore, is the beginning of wisdom."

Heresies II: Being and Divinity

From Jonathan Woolley - "the question posed is always “Does God exist?” (never “gods”). Nobody asks “In what ways might the gods exist – from the available evidence we can muster?”

Valdres Roots: Enclosure, Ancestral Displacement, & Domestication

From James Lindenschmidt: "Ancestral connection to place was strong enough to withstand centuries of hardship, famine, plague, warfare, and a thousand harsh Norwegian winters, only to be destroyed by something so insidious that people have to be taught what "enclosure" means."

Pagans Are A Conquered People

From James Lindenschmidt: "It doesn't matter what kind of Pagan you are, which specific tradition, subculture, or set of Pagan values you embrace, we Pagans are a conquered people."

The Quality of Mercy

From Judith O'Grady, on evil, will, and cats: "People search long and hard for 'masters' who will accept the responsibility of taking away the power of decision from their followers. But first, their followers let them."