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Category: Heathenism

Sacred Violence and Our Hidden Monsters

“Violence is a sacred act, but by sterilizing it, by treating all violence as bad, we disengage from the process of death and renewal. We disengage from our own wild […]

Collection: Heathenry

A collection of Gods&Radicals essays on Heathenry, Asatru, Northern Traditions, and other related topics.

Heathen Family Values

From Ruth Morong: "If it is true that building this sort of honor is the highest goal of a heathen, then there can never be apolitical Heathenism."

Heathenry and Democracy

  Heathenry and Paganism stands at a crossroad in our history and development, and this decision point hinges on the question of how we should organize and govern our communities. […]

The Call of the Vaettir

From Ryan Smith: "If we, as Heathens and as Pagans and polytheists, believe all that is around us must be understood on its terms through respectful relationships then the central ideas of our modern society are spectacularly at odds with belief and practice"