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Category: Paganism

The Wild Hunt is Riding

“As far as practitioners of nature spiritualities are concerned, the Wild Hunt offers an initiation into the wild and an opening up of the senses; a sense of dissolution of […]

Do You Smell Smoke?

From Judith O'Grady, "...your belief doesn't give you the right to throw water on my couch."

Olives of Asperity & A.N.

A.N: Apologies to all; this was intended to go up a few weeks back but I wasn’t attentive enough to the time differences between myself and the G&R website, so […]

I am a Child of Night

From Johnny Rapture: "our society attempts to mould us into cookie-cutter people whose bodies all fit into certain expectations that sometimes — often! — can not be met because our bodies are diverse and amazing and sometimes awful."

Stalks of wheat, one bearing a tiny spiral shell


Lia Hunter sings of gathering the tribes for Lughnasadh feasting and community work, as we pay heed to the lessons of the struggle, plan for the future, and make grateful offering for the harvest.