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Category: Radicalism

Report From Greece, Part 1

From George Caffentzis: "As I walk through downtown Thessaloniki in the soft evening air I wonder, am I on the deck of the Titanic or am I walking through Paradise?"

Why Do Radicals Need Gods?

From James Lindenschmidt: "The world is bigger than the mechanistic, reductionist viewpoint upon which capitalism depends."

Beyond Marriage Equality

From Tomás Ben-Sefis: "The marriage equality movement is for the gay elite, for the monied White hordes of gay men and lesbians who are “acceptable “enough to warrant the rights straight people have had."

Dread of a Revolution

From Anthony Rella: "...we need those on the edges: the radicals, the queer, the marginalized, the ones who speak up and remind me of what I'd want to ignore. "

Shopping Malls Are Awesome (A Post About Burnout)

From Asa West: "when you realize that the work you're doing isn't effective, you have to be willing to stop and switch to something else. Because throwing yourself into pointless work is nothing more than a slow spiritual death."