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Category: Stories

If Not Now, When? Models for Resistance in SF

Both fantasy and SF present alternative visions of the world; but some of these visions are helpful, and others are not. Some are dystopian, some are utopian. Some are hierarchical, some are egalitarian. Some have individual heroes, others have resistance movements.

The de Castro dining table - photo by Sabina Magliocco

Resistance Around The Table

From Sabina Magliocco: "resistance does not just consist of Molotov cocktails, guerilla warfare, and sabotage against the oppressor."

The Year Of Dark Epiphanies

From Margaret Killjoy: "I do have faith. I believe in anarchism—I believe that freedom is a relationship between people..."

Elowah Falls: Tears of the Singing Waters

In times of grief, nature plays a wildly healing role. It can also be a teacher and an initiator. Through building relationships with Place, we can move beyond the capitalist valuing of the land and re-enchant the world.