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Category: Theory

The Magical Battle of Britain

By Sable Aradia A Puzzling Question of History It’s a strange footnote of history. ┬áSomething happened in World War II that doesn’t really make any sense, and nobody really seems […]

Heresies I – Choice and Dogma

From Jonathan Woolley: What lies at the heart of heresy is not the intolerance of Inquisition, and the heat of a burning stake, but rather a firm commitment to truth.

Nature’s Rights

From Kadmus: "Neither master and engineer nor illegitimate interloper, we are part of nature's living and called to take our part with loving devotion to the value of each and every other participant be it tree, stone, bird or star."

Apocalyptic Paradoxes

From Sean Donahue: "Most of the stories people in our culture tell about organized resistance against oppression are set in dystopias created in the wake of a cataclysm. And indeed, apocalyptic events seem to be the only thing most people believe can bring an end to capitalism. "

Debt, Stories, & The Violence Of Silence

From James Lindenschmidt: "Debt underlies all aspects of class struggle. Since the destruction of the Commons, there is no other possibility for most people to subsist and reproduce their lives."