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The Apocalyptic Anarchist

To break the cursed loom Of Fate and Boss alike – In the night, we Luddites of the Firmament. Yet should our doom arrive (Despite/in spite/because of) our own best […]

Attack Of The Karmic Nazi Cancer Shits

We, all of us, need irresponsible partying, within a bound length of time. We already have this in the form of Christmas. I argue that time is wasted getting people to call it Saturnalia and aping some lame reconstruction of Roman partying.

Land, Home, and the Gods

(Gods&Radicals is moving! Please click here to read this full article on our new site, and remember to change your bookmarks!) To Frigg, I address these words. Beloved, Who Suffered […]

Yuletide Musings

“they are going to create sports pitches and even a wildlife area. A fecking wildlife area! As if the wildlife isn't already there.”

Occult Features of Anarchism by Erica Lagalisse: A Review

“Much of the European revolutionary tradition traces itself back to the 18th century, including the first stirrings of anarchist philosophy as we now know it. Much of the neopagan and occult tradition as we now know it traces back to the same era, and not at all coincidentally as author Erica Lagalisse demonstrates...” A review of Occult Features of Anarchism: With Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the Peoples. From Christopher Scott Thompson