We welcome discussion.  Actually, encourage and crave it.  To build a world without Capitalism, we’ll need lots and lots of people figuring out how to do so, and this site is one of those places where we hope these discussions will begin!

We would like to ask a few things, though.  The rules of hospitality, common to many, many cultures, should apply here.  We’re hosting a conversation, inviting in people to share their work and thought and art, and we’re welcoming you here, too.

So, please be honorable and circumspect.  You’ll hear things that might make you angry–we might, too.  We’ll try to keep level heads if you’ll try to do the same.

Please though, and we mean this quite seriously: avoid all language that reduces a human to an object or a skin color or ethnicity or gender or sexual preference.  We’re ferociously against that stuff, and we’ll need to delete comments of that sort, because we’re good hosts and good people.

Gods&Radicals is using a trusted-commenter system.  Each new comment from a first-time commenter automatically goes into moderation, and we’ll do our best to approve it as soon as possible.  If it takes a little while, it’s probably because we’re in the woods or drinking tea, or likely drinking tea in the woods.

Thus, if your comment is in moderation for a little while, it’s most likely ’cause we’re not by our computers at the moment.  Thanks for your patience!

4 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Would appreciate a link to the home page on the sidebar, to easily return to articles other than whichever I just read. Thanks!


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