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Gods&Radicals is pleased to host the Crafted Recordings Podcast series. Audio engineer James Lindenschmidt weaves interviews and stories from anti-capitalist thinkers, artists, and performers with independent music and found-sound to craft tapestries of auditory brilliance and beautiful resistance.

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Episode List

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One: The Social Justice Warrior & The Polar Bear

A Pagan poverty lawyer faces a polar bear (24:08)

Two: Winter is a Time of Revolt

The birth of A Beautiful Resistance (19:10)

Three: Pagans & Prisons

Maine Pagan clergy discuss their work (27:10)

Four: Dreams, Enchantment, and Living Magically

Christopher Scott Thompson’s meditations on a mystic life.(30:23)

Five: The Crazy Herbalist Meets Rosemary

Kirsten Hale tells how she met one empowered bush. (24:53)

Six: The Disenchanted Kingdom

An anti-capitalist fairy tale, read by Rhyd Wildermuth (21:55)

Seven: The Deeper Magic of the Commons

David Bollier, George Caffentzis, Massimo de Angelis, Peter Linebaugh, and Dr. Bones discuss the Commons (56:22)

Eight: The Origin of Dr. Bones

Enough said. (31:59)

Nine: Peoples’ Magic, Peoples’ Remembrancer

Historian Peter Linebaugh on the peoples’ magic. (23:13)

Ten: Astral Speeches

Political speeches are even weirder on the astral. (19:05)

Eleven: Music & Magic with Oz Fritz

“I look at the recording studio as like a landing pad for the descent of higher entities… hopefully.” (19:01)

Twelve: The Dead Speak

Music by Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies; spoken word contributions on the Dead by several G&R writers. (18:07)

Thirteen: Fascism, Solidarity, & War Magic

Featuring Kiarna Boyd, Cassandra Boyd, Shane Burley, Ryan Smith, and Dr. Bones, with music by Eddy Dyer. (19:46)

Fourteen: Pagan Anarchism With C.S. Thompson

Interview with Pagan Anarchism author C.S. Thompson, spoken word performances by Joie Grandbois, music by Disemballerina. (17:45)