How to Support Gods&Radicals

Gods&Radicals was birthed from a presentation given by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth on Valentines’ Day, 2015 at Pantheacon.  People packed into a tiny room to hear them speak about Capitalism and how Pagans could resist it.

On Beltaine that same year, after receiving a generous donation from Hecate Demeter, Gods&Radicals was founded as a non-profit Pagan Publisher by Alley, Rhyd, Syren Nagakyrie and Lisha Sterling.

Since then, we’ve hosted the work of over 60 brilliant and diverse writers, have had nearly half-a-million site views, and after a wildly supportive Indiegogo fundraiser, inaugurated the Gods&Radicals journal, “A Beautiful Resistance.”  We’ve also published the original zine Alley and Rhyd distributed at their presentation. And we’ve more to come!

Ways to Support Us

There are several ways you can help support the work we’re doing.

  • Linking to our site and sharing our articles is always helpful, as is your feedback.
  • Purchasing our publications is a great way to support us and the writers: we offer compensation to our print artists, poets, and essayists.
  • And financial donations are especially helpful.  Gods&Radicals is a non-profit publisher, registered in the state of Washington in the United States. We’re also currently in the application process for tax-exempt status.

Donating to Gods&Radicals

One time or recurring contributions really help a lot. We’re mostly volunteer, and would like one day to be able to pay our site writers and editors. Additionally, we offer solidarity copies of our publications to those who can’t afford them, partially funded by our print writers who’ve volunteered to donate their payments.

Any help you would like to offer us is deeply appreciated!

To make a one-time or recurring donation in support of the site, you can follow this link.

Underwriting Our Publications

Gods&Radicals is not just an internet site–we’re also a print publisher, specializing in Anti-Capitalist Pagan writing.

Our primary publication is our twice-yearly journal, A Beautiful Resistance, and we’re always happy to accept underwriters to help with publishing costs.

Underwriters who donate $50 (US) or more can choose to have their name listed on a special gratitude page of the upcoming journal to thank them for their support.

Underwriters who donate $100 or more can also choose to receive a perpetual subscription to A Beautiful Resistance

The deadline to become an Underwriter of any particular issue is one month before its scheduled publication date. The next issue is due to be published 1 February, 2017.

We’re also happy to accept support for our other print projects. Information on how to support these is announced along with the publication announcement.

To become an underwriter of an issue of A Beautiful Resistance or any of our future publications, you can follow this link.

Thanks again for all the support, and resist beautifully!

–Rhyd Wildermuth, Alley Valkyrie, Syren Nagakyrie, Hunter Hall, and Lisha Sterling