Gods&Radicals is a non-profit Pagan anti-capitalist publisher. Our focus is simple: inexpensive print and digital works to inspire hope and rebellion.  

As of 12 July 2017, all our publications are now listed on our new online bookstore: RESISTANCE IS BEAUTIFUL


Solidarity & Review Copies

If it’s not affordable, it’s not revolutionary.

Gods&Radicals is pleased to offer copies of any of our publications to activists, workers on strike, low-income, other people who would like to read our work but might have trouble affording the costs. Solidarity copies are funded by authors who decline payment, by sponsors, and by Gods&Radicals. To receive a solidarity copy, please contact us through this link.

Review copies of any upcoming publication are also available. To receive a review copy, please send us an email with your name and the name of the blog or publication where you’ll be reviewing the work.