It’s been a year and a half since Gods&Radicals was officially founded as a non-profit. Since then, we’ve hosted the writing of many fantastic writers and poets, published two journals, a primer, and now our first book.

We’re just getting started.

While writers and artists for our print publications are compensated for their work, the incredible writing you see on this site has been unpaid. It’s time we change that, and so we’re asking for your help.

Why Pay Writers?

Because all work has value.

Writing takes time. Writing is work. And in a system that prioritizes profit over creativity, the time and mental space to write is a luxury not everyone can afford. This is particularly true for those with families, those who are poor, and those with disabilities.

Writing for free is not a choice everyone can afford to make, and this affects the voices and perspectives we hear. Compensating our writers means more people can afford to write.

How Much Do We Need To Raise?

We have several funding goals, and have already met one of them before the fundraiser even started.

Our minimum need is $600 a year. This pays for our wordpress account, domain registration, and organisational costs (including filing fees). To pay our writers, we’ll need another $3600.

The good news? We’ve already raised some of that before the fundraiser started!

We have additional goals after that. We’d like to raise $600 to pay for book-keeping services, $1200 to pay our currently-volunteer Managing Editor, and $1200 to pay someone to handle distribution for us. Those are secondary goals: writer pay comes first.

Are There Perks For Donating?

Yes! We are offering stickers, buttons, books, t-shirts, readings, subscriptions, life-time subscriptions and more!

  • Stickers: custom-designed vinyl stickers
  • Buttons: hand-made buttons from Margaret Killjoy.
  • Books: Works by Gods&Radicals writers, including Lorna Smithers (UK), Rhyd Wildermuth (US), and Christopher Scott Thompson (anywhere).
  • T-Shirts: Designed and printed by Alley Valkyrie
  • Readings: Dr. Bones and others have agreed to offer their magic services!
  • Life-time subscriptions: we’re offering permanent subscriptions to A Beautiful Resistance and, for the highest donation level, copies of every book we have published and ever will publish!

Stickers designs (you’ll get one of each!):

fuck-pinkyellow-stickersticker another


What Else Is There to Know About Donating?

Gods&Radicals is a registered non-profit, so donations to us (minus the base value of perks) are tax-deductible within the United States

Also, we accept both one-time and recurring donations.

What Are the Solidarity Levels and Perks?

For one-time donations:

  • $5: thank you!
  • $10: Stickers!
  • $25: Stickers, buttons, and a digital copy of any book on offer!
  • $50: Stickers, buttons, and a physical copy of a book of your choice or two of our digital publications!
  • $75: Stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and a regular subscription to A Beautiful Resistance!
  • $100: Stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and a 30 minute reading from Dr. Bones!
  • $250: Stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and a permanent subscription to A Beautiful Resistance!
  • $500: Stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and everything we’ve ever published…and ever will!

For recurring (monthly) donations:

  • $2/month: Stickers!
  • $3/month: stickers, buttons, and a copy of A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer!
  • $5/month: stickers, buttons, and a copy of any of our print-books!
  • $10/month: stickers, some buttons, and a regular subscription to A Beautiful Resistance!
  • $20/month :stickers, buttons, a regular subscription to A Beautiful Resistance, and a t-shirt!
  • $30/month: stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and a permanent subscription to A Beautiful Resistance!

For both one-time and recurring donations, you can also choose your own level.

How Do I Donate?

Thank you!

You can use our donation forms. The one below is for one-time donations. For recurring donations, follow this link.

One Time