A Beautiful Resistance…

Because of our many incredible supporters, Gods&Radicals has grown from a small blog run entirely on volunteer labor to a significant and undeniable voice in both Pagan and Anti-Capitalist communities.

Because of a $1000 donation two years ago, we were able to form ourselves as a not-for-profit organisation. Back then, no one got paid, but we all gave our time and creativity to help birth something into the world.

Because of over $10,000 in donations last year, we now pay all our writers and staff, and have published 7 books.

What will 2018 bring? We’re looking forward to finding out!

Our goals…

This year, we are raising $14,000. That money will pay the following:

  • -All monthly operating costs including editor and writer pay.
  • -An increase in pay for our writers.
  • -More monthly articles
  • -A new assistant site-editor.
  • -An expansion of our publishing efforts, including translation work for our growing global audience.

Donations can be one-time or recurring, and in return for your help, we are also offering perks for some levels of support.


(further descriptions of perks can be found at our online bookstore)

BASIC ($3)
Recurring: Sticker multi-pack (1 each of four designs)

BIRCH ($5)
Recurring: Full sticker-pack (2 each of every design)

BEECH ($10)
Recurring: T-shirt (design to be announced soon!)

WILLOW ($15)
Recurring: Full Gods&Radicals Digital Catalogue (with updates throughout 2018)

YEW ($30)
One-Time: Sticker multi-pack (1 of each of four designs)
Recurring: Full Gods&Radicals Print Catalogue

CEDAR ($50)
One-Time: Full Sticker Pack (2 of each design)
Recurring: T-shirt, Full Sticker Pack, Full Gods&Radicals Print Catalogue

ELDER ($90)
One-Time: T-Shirt
Recurring:  Everything from CEDAR (recurring) level, + life time subscription to A Beautiful Resistance

OAK ($200)
One-Time: T-Shirt, Full Sticker Pack, Full Gods&Radicals Digital Catalogue (with updates throughout 2018)
Recurring: Everthing from ELDER (recurring), + Every book Gods&Radicals publishes until 2020!

ALDER ($400)
One-Time: T-Shirt, Full Sticker Pack, Full Gods&Radicals Print Catalogue
Recurring: Everything from ELDER (recurring), and everything Gods&Radicals publishes forever

FOREST ($1200)
One-Time: Everything Gods&Radicals has ever published and will ever publish, +stickers and t-shirt
Recurring: You can’t buy the revolution, but you can definitely fund one this way. Let’s talk. 🙂

What Else Is There to Know About Donating?

Gods&Radicals is a registered non-profit, so donations to us (minus the base value of perks) are tax-deductible within the United States. All tax-information for 2017 will be provided in January.

Also, we accept both one-time and recurring donations.

Shipment of perks for recurring donations will occur in January, 2018; most perks for one-time donations (except t-shirts) will begin in December, though may be delayed due to holiday postal rushes.

How Do I Donate?

To support us either through recurring or one-time donations, click “donate” below. You will be taken to our secure donation campaign on Donorbox. And if you cannot donate yet, you can help us by sharing this page or our donation campaign page. And thanks!