A Beautiful Resistance is the Gods&Radicals journal, published both in print and digital form.

Weaving together the works of writers, artists, poets, photographers, and other print-artists, A Beautiful Resistance aims to awaken magic into a disenchanted world.

Open submissions starts 1 September, 2016 and ends on 1 November, 2016.

General Information

  • Compensation: All work accepted for the journal is paid. Compensation is an equal split of 50% post-cost revenue, at a minimum of $40.
  • Rights: Creators retain all ownership of their work. Gods&Radicals gains ‘first-print’ rights, which allows us to sell your work as part of the journal.
  • Previously Published Work: Gods&Radicals is happy to consider work previously published on-line, but we cannot accept previously-printed work.
  • Editorial Process: Gods&Radicals is more than willing to work with authors who request guidance, editorial input, or advice on their work, as well as copy-editing. We do our best to ensure authors are part of any changes to the final work.

Guidelines For Written Submissions

  • Number: No more than three pieces for consideration.
  • Word Count: Generally, no more than 8,000 words.
  • Format: .doc, .docx, or .odt; no .pdfs or plain text. Also, please do not submit your piece in the body of an email.
  • Spacing: We can easily reformat anything you submit. However, please make paragraph-starts clear either with indentation or full line-breaks.
  • Footnotes/Citations: We use footnotes, rather than endnotes. Please also include a works-cited with your piece if appropriate.

Guidelines for Images

  • Number: No more than five images, please.
  • Size: images must be at least 300dpi. Very large images and file-sizes generally produce better quality; small files (even at 300dpi) may not.
  • Titles: if your image is titled, please save this information in the file properties.
  • Color: we accept both color and B&W images.

Include With Your Submission:

  • Bio: These can be anywhere between 10 to 50 words.
  • Name: This gets forgotten more than you might think.
  • Previously Appeared/Simultaneous Submissions: Please let us know if your submission previously appeared online, and whether you are also submitting it elsewhere.

How To Submit

Email your work, your name, bio, and other information to

Please allow us up to a week to reply. If you haven’t heard from us after a week, feel free to check in with us.

Deadline is 1 November, 2016, and all applicants will be notified by 10 November, 2016.

Be well, and Resist Beautifully!