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Tag: art

Culture Weaving

Culture, religion, politics, ethics, art, personality, spirit… it’s all interconnected and mutually-influencing. As much as we sometimes like to examine them separately, they do not exist separately. We can use this holistic vision to wield a healing magic and to become culture-weavers who influence society to bring balance where it is needed.

The Other Gods

From Kadmus: "What these gods offer us is an experience, not a symbol, and it is an experience from which our relationship with the other gods takes its source."

Scarlet Imprint’s Tara Morgana and the Magic of Poetry

The book description tells me it's about magical work and a journey, seeking a form of the Tibetan Tara mixed with Morgan Le Fay. Tara Morgana reads like a magical journal, too personal to have much meaning for most readers. Except, I think it was written for me, right now, as an offering, gift, encouragement.