On Rising Sea Levels

There is a lot of talk about rising sea levels. We hear about it in the news (occasionally), on nature shows and on the internet, but is this something we should really be concerned about? How fast are sea levels rising and what difference, if any, will this make to our coastlines and our lives?

To get a better idea take a look at this graphic created by eC02 Greetings, which shows just how much sea levels will rise over the coming years, at the current rates of climate change.

OK, so these dramatic changes will take some time, but if we don’t act now be sure that they will happen. As the graphic shows, in coastal areas like Florida future citizens will have a huge fight on their hands to survive if they don’t move further inland. So, do we leave this for future generations to deal with or do we act now while there may still be time to do something about it?

Ashley Fleming

Ashley Fleming is a writer and content creator who uses all the opportunities at his disposal to spread the word about ecological issues. His contributions on the environment and business ethics can be found on the blogs he edits at eC02 Greetings and Ecardshack.

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