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Tag: fracking

Spirit of the Aquifer

From Lorna Smithers: An article, poem and story based around the breaching of the aquifer beneath Castle Hill during the building of Riversway Dockland and the loss of the water-dragon who was its guardian spirit.

Lancashire Says FRACK OFF!

From Lorna Smithers: After a tense five days, the people of Lancashire win their fight against fracking and for democracy.

Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston

From Lorna Smithers: Account of the industrialisation of Preston and the radical movements which have opposed it and fought for political reform. Due to the threat of fracking Preston continues to be a centre of conflict today.

Fractured – (a review)

From River Stone: Fractured - a review of Sam Peacock's exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery in London: a response to the potential effects of fracking in the UK.