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Tag: Judith O’Grady


For The Morrígna on Samhain, by Judith O'Grady

The Three Bears

Judith O'Grady, on myths, Othering, and an awkward--and hilarious--presentation at a retirement home.

Culture is a Package Deal

From Judith O'Grady: "Every part is connected to the other parts and it works as a whole; you can't snap off a tasty, glittery bit for your use and leave the rest behind."

Do You Smell Smoke?

From Judith O'Grady, "...your belief doesn't give you the right to throw water on my couch."

The Quality of Mercy

From Judith O'Grady, on evil, will, and cats: "People search long and hard for 'masters' who will accept the responsibility of taking away the power of decision from their followers. But first, their followers let them."