These Words Change EVERYTHING… #ReGenesis3_16

by Katherine Cunningham.

‘Tis an honour to hold your attention. This, with your time and energy make up the trilogy of your power, and I am grateful to have been given it here.

Poetry and Magicks, conjuring with words. We do it all the time, speak something into existence. There is a time of rhyme in my head, where everything has meaning,
a metaphor,
to understand what the matter is for.
All can be seen for the double entendre’s.
Words weave worlds, the stories we tell ourselves and each other.
Our Warp and our Weft,
Our Right and our Left,
Dissolve Coagula.
There are words that bind us, written millenniums ago to contain us. These words will change now that we have voice, now we can wield the pen, keyboard and microphone.

Words. What are their value? What do they cost, cost us? To use, to share, to rid ourselves of the fear, the self-loathing. To purge that knowing that we may well be mad. Deepen the meaning, the value and no longer do we have so much blah blah blah…

Thoughts, Words, Acts and Deeds. These are some of the tools of creation. Thoughts that push forward and hold us teetering at an edge, daring us to a complete nakedness of self that we may shed anything between.
Between the words.
Between the worlds.
We are the veil that we pierce with our sight.
Our rites becoming, re-inventing woman.
Our rights are determined by how we will allow ourselves to be spoken to, by that sharp and critical mind within. Only the reflections true unto themselves any indication that we are in true communication with the soul.

Medicine. Words as medicine. For the soul, for the heart, they create a start, a thread where the spirit can follow all the way up from the cunt to the crown, turning our suppression upside down, it gives us a boost, for a moment, something to step up upon, but then OVER.
So that we can see our brother, true and real in his own shit and glory,
not our projected story
that has him seventeen shades of disgusting.
Not his but our resisting of the real steel man,
the tin can
without a heart, is flesh and blood with real feelings like we are.
So much more like us than different.
So much so contained by that mind that rules us all.
So much still ruled by death.

ALL of you.
AND you are going to die.
Terror Management Theory… an incredible set of words
that illustrate just how much we are controlled by the words,
that make up the story, that tell us of the meme’s,
that are the tapestry of OUR society.
The back drop to our epic adventures as we return unto ourselves. For we are the veil. Words have power to conjure the other side, of ourselves, each other and everything else they can muster.

A woman’s issue of soul cannot be treated by carving her into a more acceptable form as defined by an unconscious culture, nor can she be bent into a more intellectually acceptable shape by those who claim to be the soul bearers of consciousness.  In our bones we know Her, we yearn toward Her, we know She belongs to us & we to Her.”
–Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Words are as medicine. Not the words that are spoken at us, entirely, nor just the words that are spoken out loud. ‘Tis the resonant of truth that the ancients used, the rest of the word, beyond its truncated depths of noise our language has become. And yet in a heartbeat we drop down into some of the deepest utterings of soul that we know. The range of human emotion, the scale of human effect, the notions of wisdom and knowledge as having two separate sources and there perhaps tenor.

The source of the voice,
the word of choice.
The feeling or thinking, the flow or the marshalling of all that procession into a direction to make a point, OR there is the gentle castings of genuinely moved felt state that would hold you in the deepest grief.
The highest joy.
Sustaining or dissolving as we see fit to decide
which part of the ride
we will be on.
That’s the beauty of the word adventure, tis you choice, your thoughts, words, acts and deeds.

All our own to utilize and yet words can still be used to tell lies. The spin, the confusion, the noise to create or destroy. Using words on paper to bind, laws to force, attempting the course of coercion, the power of word gone wrong. We need to find the correct words to make this right. For our environmental plight is very real. We have a whole lot of human choosing not to feel. The atrocities they are committing in money’s name, playing a game that we all get to pay for. Our next 7 generations will be paying for. These words, ”YOU SHALL NOT PASS”, they feel like the right words, the ones that can conjure a real rage to fight all these smoke and mirrors. These marketers.

Words, our beloved tools of expression that can be held open to hear within. Creating pathway, latticing throughout all our hearts woven, bring us to the edges of self, each other. Capable of feeling the whole depth of the word LOVE. Can you see us? Using the power of this word LOVE. Growing gardens, making art. Mining the imagination not the earth. Trusting the human worth to get this, figure this out, before it’s too late, before we have destroyed too much. She loves me and I am going to die. But while I live, I have words to Share.

The distance between your mind and your body is a ratio of external influence and internal fortitude. The further away you are the more others can pull your strings. I have always had a deep desire to create connection with primal source. The place within that knows. That understands the big picture and the little one, the vision and the details, as well as the very next moment to be with that incredible place of perfections.

Spirituality 1.0 is the broadcast from the pulpit, the “one and only truth” then we granted ourselves. Spirituality 2.0 where we got to have some conversations with the text, the scribes and the original authors, meet those behind the story. Occasionally creating new stories, manifesting different authors, getting a handle on this story telling thing to such a level that the cinema becomes the pulpit.

Understanding story and truth to be whole lot of fuzzy around the edges, where the lapsing over from one reality to another becomes more about the value of fiction so that the fact can be comprehended. If there is just facts, there is little context, meaning or value, till we give a story. Any good marketer knows that, create the story behind the mission, you have an emotional buy in, to the product. Emotional buying in to the story. The ones where we feel, are pulled into something “not real” yet we feel it. We know this story, the meaning here, the value of it being said out loud. Like watching a scene in a documentary, facing the reality that someone lives in. This is the power of a story, and how it moves us. That’s the point of a story, to have an effect, hopefully, if not it just passes through us like water.

Spirituality 3.0 is perhaps where we are the ones writing our story? Or are we looking to a state of truth that we share? A place that is real enough for us all to live there? The Utopia that has been long dreamed of and projected far far away in the heaven state. When in reality, it is HERE, NOW and OURS, to create.

Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong… isn’t there?” Thank you Alan Moore, V for Vendetta.

These are words, Genesis 3:16 that were so powerful they destroyed a woman’s right, to trust and know the true power in birth. Herein lay the core of the curse. We took those words, we chewed on them, we swirled them around in our hearts and heads until we could devour the pain and suffering they had caused. Until we could discern why they were still being used. How to disarm the violence they had ensured.

We took Genesis 3:16 and turned it on its head.

I give you ReGenesis 3:16

#ReGenesis 3_16

REGENESIS 3:16 To Women WE Say: “We will greatly increase your JOY in childbearing. With ECSTASY you will give birth to children. Your Desire will be yours to own and no-one will rule over you.”

Use #ReGenesis3_16 … MAY IT GO VIRAL!

‘Tis estimated there are over 6 billion bibles in print. That’s A LOT of re-writing to do. So, in true creative trust, we need to be inventive in how we reproduce this version and share it with the world. That as a truth it may sweep over the original and be installed in our new world order. Build it in pictures, in tapestry, in song. In meme’s, cartoons and stickers. Share it. We have a long way to reach, through to back of our own brains first, then out to our circles of influence. Each layer receiving it as they can. Reach delicious one, for this may be the core of a truth that we ALL need to heal.

Using the #ReGenesis3_16 hashtag will keep us all connected to what we are creating to make this world anew. If there is any part of this writing that has stirred you, please, step into this. See what your version looks like, what your offering can change.

KatherineCunninghamSince 1995 Katherine Cunningham has been stalking the core purposes of the menstrual experience, the why and the how to use this force of nature, for good not evil. She has explored harnessing this fertile force so that any woman can learn to be deeply within her innate power. She has a core strength that will hold you safely through the threshold of profound change. She is an activist, an educator, a writer, an orator, a mother, a blood witch, a lover of life and ALL the juicy in it!